NASL Team/Current Railhawks Situation

From a interview with NASL CEO Aaron Davidson on a Montreal radio station. Interview can be found here: ... o_vault/7/ , click on "Aaron Davidson". Entire interview is good, worth a listen. Carolina talk starts at 8:05.

Nice find. Great interview!


I really hope they don't consider calling the team Hamilton United as some of the recent stadium Docs suggest. Hamilton City, Hamilton SC, Hamilton Stags and even AS Hamilton I would prefer over Hamilton United.

As dmont points out in another thread, there are already a bunch of clubs called United. The reason for that, though, is because they were actually formed by uniting two teams, much like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. That wouldn't apply to the soccer team, though, so it seams inappropriate.

If they're called Hamilton City, the name might get shortened to Ham City, as dmont suggested. But that's uncomfortably similar to Hog Town.... :wink: Why would we want to associate ourselves with Toronto? :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I'm a bit uncomfortable with giving North American soccer teams names that sound like Euro soccer teams (Real Salt Lake especially. There's something about that that just sounds wrong.). I guess they're trying to channel the mystique of popular teams with those names, but it sounds too wannabe-ish and a bit out of place in the North American context.

I liked the name Steelhawks back when we had an OHL team with that name, but the league (USL or NASL, wherever it ends up) probably doesn't want to have two teams with "hawk" in their name.

My biggest problem with Hamilton United is it's an attempt to cash in on the success of Manchester United, of who I am not a fan (mainly because anyone who starts watching soccer immediately goes to Manchester United because they are top dog). I mean it works for DC only because it's the capital of the United States.

I'm still a big fan of this name, even if my logoing skills are sub par.

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[i]As suspicions grew that the very existence of the Carolina RailHawks was in doubt, the team’s owners (whoever they were) and North American Soccer League (NASL) officials made themselves ever sparser, refusing to comment on the record.

Today, without talking to the media, the club made the biggest statement it could.

They put the “Carolina RailHawks? trademark for sale on eBay and posted all of their other assets—jerseys, desks, computers, TVs, memorabilia, even the mascot’s uniform—on Craigslist and eBay.

Hope NASL settles down and gets on solid footing for the sake of our future franchise.

So what about naming after one of the other Premier League clubs like Leeds? Leeds United has a long tradition at the top of English football. Or maybe Newcastle United

Hamilton United not named after Man United but Leeds United or Newcastle United.

Sheffield has an interesting name for one of its teams - Sheffield Wednesday. Named Wednesday because that's the day of week when they used to play their games - back in 1867

What about Hamilton Thursday?

The game originated in England and we should stick with a traditional English football name.

It is too bad, but it sounds from the comments from fans that marketing of the product, not the product was the problem.
Also it was refreshing to see that none of the commentors ripped Bob Young. :wink:

Alright I'll give you a bit of ground on the United front, mainly because I'm thinking of becoming a West Ham fan (West Hamilton United heh).

The reason I like the Hamilton Stags is that it sounds like a North American team, but the Stag is also a common animal found in both Scottish and Irish heraldry, of which our city was founded and is found throughout various regions of heraldry, and is paired on our own city crest with the Tiger. It's still paying tribute to the old, but giving it a bit more of a North American spin. As a side note, dmont ever though of replacing the maple leaf and hammer and replacing it with the chainned cinqefoil from the flag of Hamilton. Maybe put the maple leaves up by the banners around the sheild.

Now that is not professional at all, I wouldn't be impressed if I was part of the USSF. I mean, private sale I could understand, but an online auction when two minority owners are still present. Yikes.

More on the auctioning off of Carolina Railhawks' assets

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I really do wonder if FIFA would ever consider merging the CSA and the USSF. I also wonder if we'll ever see the relegation/promotion style of soccer in North America. I mean I can think of a lot of TFC fans that would foam at the mouth at the idea of being relegated, something which I must confess, find deeply amusing.

I'm hoping the NASL can pull through their current challenges, as Soccer is growing rapidly in players, teams, and popularity in North America. As a former minority partner of my friend Selby Wellman's Railhawks in Raleigh I am very aware of the state of flux in professional soccer in North America.

Regardless of whether the Hamilton team plays in the MLS, the NASL, the USL, or a Canadian Pro Soccer League - we are committed to bringing Pro Soccer to Hamilton and the proposed new PanAm Stadium. I would love nothing better than to beat the Toronto FC in the Canadian Championship competitions, as Montreal Impact have done:

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We will, in due course, have to have a "name the team contest". I really like a bunch of the suggestions in these forums for names. Although I will not give away which I like best for fear of corrupting the competition. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.

Thankyou for this update Bob and thankyou for being a Bob. :smiley:

Anyone been to a TFC game? I went 3 years ago, fun atmosphere.

Problem is, to those who aren't aware, soccer is in real trouble in these parts due to MLSE greed since TFC's inception.

There was so much drama last year, in a supposed soccer hot bed, that they had empty seats for the MLS Championship.

The bright side, is that this was all economics. MLSE was WAY to greedy. Apparently it is cheaper to see top tier team over seas (Man U? Not sure...) But I would have to agree.

The game we went to, my girl friend bought them from a guy for over face value. Good seats, roughly at center but right at the top of the single tier side. Close to $100 a piece, was definitely not worth it so we haven't been back.

Thanks for bringing everyone up to speed, Bob. I think the brawl playing out in San Antonio will go a long way toward deciding whether or not NASL will still be around in 2014/2015.

Good to hear that!

We will, in due course, have to have a "name the team contest". I really like a bunch of the suggestions in these forums for names.
Are there any local soccer fans aware of any Hamilton soccer teams with some history and tradition? What were they called? (Please, no Steelers)

Whatever the name, I'd like Tiger-Cat colours.

And what about the possibility of getting the field lacrosse team to play out of IWS2?

As long as it isn't one of those FC or Eurowannabe names it should be good. Any sports team nickname should at least try to reflect the community they represent. A good one in the Hamilton soccer tradition...

:P :P :P

Waaaaayy too big! If the Nationals sell out every game at the Joyce, then maybe they might consider a move, but 2000 fans at 25000 stadium would be worse than the Bulldogs at an uncurtained Copps...

I've made my suggestion many a time. Hamilton Stags (and you could ad SC or FC to the end if you like). I'll write an essay on it later.