NASL Franchise - Would you go?

Well, it looks like Bob is still interested in bringing Soccer to Hamilton, so if it somehow happens, would you go and if so how often/what would it take?

I also thought I'd use this time to shamelessly re-submit my logo and team name of choice, as hopefully Bob frequents these forums. Obviously some reworking could be done on it, like having one stag facing the viewer, heading the soccer ball and shrinking the Cinquefoil.

Soccer is something I wish would just go away. I hate it and everyone who makes fools of themselves every 4 years over it In short, I'd rather do just about anything but go to a game. You could pay me to go and I'd still refuse

Not only would we go as a family we would bring our friends as well. Soccer is the next best thing to CFL football!

A stadium on the East Mountain at the Red Hill and the Linc is perfectly positioned to attract hordes of soccer fans from a huge catchment area

I would probably start getting interested myself.........

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I'd rather watch paint dry. I'll go once just to see if I feel differently about it because its a Hamilton team. That's about it.

Never been a soccer fan but if the Hamilton had a team it may start to become a big temptation. Its a very emotional game and heaven knows we have that in spades in the Hammer.

While I personally don't care much for soccer I have to admit I know a lot more people that will attend it then North American football.

I'll be honest, I didn't grow up with soccer and don't get the entertainment value of it but for those that do get the game and obviously there are thousands in Hamilton who did grow up with it, I'm sure they would welcome a franchise. And I might even try it out if a team comes here and see what the game is about particularly if it's tied with the betterment of the TigerCats in some way.

I'd go to the odd game as long as ticket prices were reasonable.

I think there are more soccer fans in this area than football fans, I 've never seen football fans crowding bars to watch the Ticats on TV or driving around with Ticat flags on their cars. People at work talking World Cup soccer, I never hear anyone talking CFL unless I bring it up. It wouldn't surprise me to see a NASL franchise out drawing the Ticats.
As for the people that say they think its boring or say they hate it..................ah jealousy. They just do't like to see another sport doing well and gaining in popularity, they see it as some type of threat.
It's a fantastic sport and I understand why the world watches it. When I see a player take a ball out of the air and then run 80 yards around tacklers it is exciting. If you don't see the excitement in that you just don't understand sports.

Myself, I would not go, have been to soccer games (footie) in years past and it never really interested me. I have many friends that would surely go, as they are big fans of the game. So, yes, if they want to put a soccer team in the stadium as part of the full package, then by all means go for it.

Any game where a player runs faster after a goal than before just isn't for me, :wink: but power to them that like it and I hope they pack the stadium.

Wow that flies in the face of years of failure of pro soccer in Hamilton and area. As for the jealousy statement, thats one huge reason I hate soccer and its fans. Total lack of respect for everyone

Not a Soccer Fan would not go
it would be great for people who like it

I'd probably take in a game or long as they serve beer and it's cold. Err wait....maybe it would have to be draughts of beer....warm pints. Yeah...count me in!!!!

It's a fantastic sport and I understand why the world watches it.

It's a great sport to play I'm sure and the skills are great for kids to learn, I'd put my kid in it in a minute if I had a kid, but I was being nice before, it's the most brutally boring sport in the world to watch, I can't even watch world cup games with packed stadiums, it looks like glorified old timers hockey to me. And no jealousy at all, I just can't stand watching the sport albeit as I say, I don't understand it nor the entertainment aspect to whatsoever. People who know the sport can talk all about it in bars etc. go for it, not my cup of tea as I don't get it.

heck yeah!

I have clients that would love to go to soccer games!


Bring them on!


I'd probably go to a few games to check it out. Long term there would be a few factors as to how many potential times I would go to games. It would probably depend on ticket prices and believe it or not where the stadium was, ease of access for myself personally and whether either of my daughters would like to go and stuff like that. I'd give it a try for sure.

As the World Cup is proving once again, soccer is more boring than watching artificial turf grow.

Personally I tend to agree with the boring statement. But I didn't grow up with soccer.

HOWEVER "As the World Cup is proving once again", it is far more popular than CFL football and I think Bob is very wise to tie a team to the new stadium.

It's a win-win for fans of both sports, and certainly a win for the City of Hamilton! :thup: