...just heard a great interview on FAN960 with Don and Mike Richards, old stories of the CFL and the great rivalries that existed a ways back (ie - Buono telling Narcisse at the start of a game he would do 'whatever was necessary' to prevent Don's TD celebration 'jelly dance' in McMahon, etc.), very funny and good stuff, lots of laughs....up to the point where Don revealed that his mother passed away yesterday, he discussed that for a little bit, choked up his words and became pretty emotional, reminding any youth that might be listening how very important your parents are...had to pull the truck over to find a kleenex myself...

...if you get a chance surf the stations website ( and see if they post the audio clip for it, they usually do for special guests...

Cool Thanks Red.
Narco is my all time favourite player.

…the website has the audio clip attached now…

Narco is the best. sure hands, awesome moves, virtually impossible to cover!

The guy was a class act the whole way!

plus he holds a record likely to never be broken! the consecutive games with a catch record!

It's great to see him in the Hall!

we have his road Jersey from 1996, the actual jersey.

That's so sad that his mom passed away on Monday.

Fan 960 is probably the best sportstalk radio station in western Canada. Go online and you can hear a plethora of clips from sports personalities. It would be nice if CKRM went all sportstalk.

I was watching some highlights of Narcisse catches last night and had forgotten how amazing a receiver Don was. We thought that SJ Green catch in the Rider end zone was amazing - Don made catches like that all the time. We were blessed to have him as a Rider for 13 years and for him to be able to come back here to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He had by far the best touchdown celebration dance of any receiver during his day... and he was a very good receiver on some rather poor 'Rider teams. Good moves, great hands, a great attitude and a nice guy ... he just lacked elite speed to be one of the greatest ever I think.

Don Narcisse has class and is humble. At half-time of the Hall of Fame game when asked what his best memories were of playing for Saskatchewan Narcisse replied , it was visiting the kids at functions and in hospitals". He did not talk about himself rather he talked about giving back to his community. How many of the hotshot stars today would respond like that to such a question. A fine gentleman and role model. Congratuatlions Don Narcisse on your induction. Rider fans should be very proud of this kind man who was also a hell of a football player.