Napkin better than The Database !

"The four quarterback thing a lot of people said was a luxury and were wondering why we were doing that," Taman said. "Well, if I can get another quarterback to come in that we think has a future, there are going to be four quarterbacks there again." [b]Other gunslingers on Taman's neg list include Casey Bramlet (Atlanta) [/b]and Tyler Thigpen (Minnesota), and free agents Zac Taylor and John Stocco.

Brendan Taman 2007

John Murphy, Winnipeg's director of player personnel, called the acquisition of Jones a "win-win" situation on and off the field

And Craphonso Thorpe's name was also on a napkin. Your point?

Is his name Craphonso ?

Yes. He's the guy that was supposed to be the great returner but his first game he was "overwhelmed" by the size of the field, the wind, etc. He played 2 games at receiver before being injured. Once he was healthy he was released.

That's funny. All season I kept thinking the guys name was Alphonso Thorpe and you guys had nicked him CRAPhonso.. LOL!

I would assume Kelly felt he was his best returner, he made the team after Taman left...

He wasn't available until after Taman left. He would get released by one NFL team and then be picked up by another.

The "Database" brought us defensive backs who actually intercept the ball...the napkin gave us a secondary that watched passes get caught left right and center.

Could be, could also be a different style of defense by the new DC.

Considering 50% turnover in personnel on the defence, it looks like a little more than just system.

Database? Other than Hefney, 2 are ex-Riders, Craver is awful, and the rest are all CFL vets.

.....Craver is very athletic.... however he is lacking in cover skills...we can do better... :wink:

You make it sound like the ex-riders are no good! He may not have scouted them, but he did acquire them. Database has assembled one dangerous defence so that should never be a part of the debate. From the coordinator to the players, this is working pretty good. A tweak here or there (ie: Craver) and some time playing together, imagine how scary this D could be in the next few years. (even if Simpson is not a part of it)

The offence, now that's a different story :slight_smile: