Bob McCown was reporting on Friday how the league is actively looking to sell the naming rights for the Grey Cup at a minimum $5M per year and are looking for a long term contract of some five years.
I personally have no problems with this as it would bring in additional money to the league which ultimately means the cap can go up etc...
However the league should establish that this price is a minimum and under no circumstance go below it. Hey maybe this is too low and how about $10M per year.
Which begs the question, which sponsors would you be willing to accept and conversely who would be out. Rogers for me would be a no under any circumstance.

Bob made a good point, that in this economy, noone will pay $5million for a 1 day event. perhaps if it were a best of 7 series, but not 1 day.

so, i wouldnt be pushing the asking price to $10M right now. maybe when the economy gets better.

and i recall an interview with the commish, where he said it will be 'the Grey Cup presented by ( Pepsi )' NOT ( Pepsi's ) Grey Cup.
and with that, i have no problem.

I could live with that. I would rather a sponsor's name did not appear anywhere but......

I'd also immediately veto Rogers. Hate that company.

There is no amount of money that makes selling the naming rights a good idea. You have a brand name--keep it and market it. Selling your brand is stupid. That said, game sponsors, which is what we have today, ie., The Grey Cup brought to you by Pepsi, is fine. Anything else is a mistake. Period.

This ^. Also Ted Rogers was the one who wanted to bring the NFL to Canada. Good thing that won't be happening now!

The Grey Cup brought to by _______ is fine with me as well, no problem.

I don't think we should get emotional about Rogers and that, if they pony up the most money, why not. It's not like a drug company telling a doctor to use their drug and if they do they get a free trip to Europe or something. Rogers' money is as good as anyones money. Do I like this bring the Bills to Toronto thing and trying to land an NFL team for Toronto? Absolutely not. But Ted is passed on, maybe other people in charge now might have different ideas and a lot of what they wanted to do with the NFL is just money related and branding Rogers more and more and if they feel an NFL team would do it, they have the right as a business. But I don't like it from my heart but don't think you ever shut the door on a potential company regardless of what they might have done in the past. Just me.

I don't particularly care about Rogers trying to bring the NFL to Canada. I just hate Rogers... I hate their services, their policies, etc.

With me also, had Rogers cable, cellphone and the biggest rip off going.
Anything to do with the name is/should be off limits for the league.

I figure they need to work a deal with Sony / LG / Panasonic for naming rights to the video review. Get them to donate all the HD equipment, and a naming fee, and then give them a plug every time there is a challenge.

I don't know if they really want a beer sponsor for the Grey Cup, and the auto industry, although they seem to be on a media blitz more than usual these days, don't exactly have a lot of cash to throw around. I figure the banks are where you'd find the best sponsor these days.

Me too...But as long as the GREY CUP name always comes first then i don't care. Money is money and the league can always use more.

i personally hope the sponsor is Pepsi. i love the stuff.

"it's so good. once it hits your lips, its so good"

Coke is the real thing! :thup:
Just like the CFL

Wow, like em both, but Pepsi wins out.
How about a hyphenated combo just like some married people. CFL Grey Cup by Pepsi-Coke and each puts up $5M annually.

Quite a few restaurants only have one or the other, and I've often wondered if it's because the two don't want to share.

They have one or the other because of contract rights....
Pepsi bought a couple of challengers a few years back and you could not buy a coke anywhere in the plant. Then Coke bought some and now all you can buy is coke!(Which is fine by me :lol: )

Makes me wonder. If one or the other were to buy the rights, I'm sure you would see the same at the Grey Cup game....You wold only be able to buy one or the other

Before anyone says they only drink beer.....I'm sure it would be the same for beer

^ That’s kind of what I figured.

I wouldn't want Rogers.. those American NFL lovin piece of craps!

i think things are different know that ted rogers has passed on. corporations are not aloud to own franchises in the nfl. so maybe if rogers sponsered the grey cup, they could win back the trust of canadians. i still wouldnt buy a phone from them. just a silly thought.

Did you ever stop to think that if Rogers wanted to invest 5 Million dollars in the CFL, it would be a good thing?