Naming of the grey cup

That is something that I am against. The owners go for this ,it shows nothing but greed . If they can’t operate with out having to ‘‘sell’’ the cup ,then sell to someone else. Sure they have to make money ,but do it by making the game better and work harder on tv deals but don’t sell the cup. I can just see it now the rona grey cup, makes me want to puke.

I don’t have a problem with it as long as it is something like: “ABC company presents the 100 Grey Cup”

I don’t want the Charmin Grey Cup.

If it can bring in the money I’m hearing then go for it

I agree. The Grey Cup is sacred but neither the league or the teams are a charity. If these extra funds can help both then sobeit.

As Jim Kelley pointed out on Prime Time Sports on Sportsnet last night, the spectre of “The Pink Taco Grey Cup” looms… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anything that could subtract from the championship game of your league must be avoided. Money grabbing is de rigeur for sports leagues these days, so it will be interesting to see what turns up to be the last word on this point.

Oski Wee Wee,

Relax folks! They're not renaming the Grey Cup - they're simply adding a corporate sponsor name to it.

This has been done several times in other pro leagues - Zurich Premiership rugby, the Barclay's Premiership soccer, Toyota Grand Final in Aussie Rules.

The CFL will be the first - but I am willing to bet not the last - league in North America to sell the naming rights to the big game!

bad move. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

The Tiger-Cats players aren't gonna give a rats behind what they call it when they are slurping champagne and beer out of it....

As long as it gets into our locker room is all that should matter..... :lol:

I'm not concerned at all as I'm sure we will all still refer to it in our daily lfe as 'The Grey Cup'

Hey, I'm used to hearing "The Molson Indy" so sponser's names grow on you I think....

..bring the cash in I say! cha-ching!

Here my 1st One of new Season


Don't do it Keep it just the Grey Cup

I'm only for this if it means that they'll put a ban on those awfull advertisements on the field. They can call it what ever they want if they do that it could be called the kentucky fried grey cup for all i care.

I'm all for tradition but if it will help the league remain solvent, they can rename it to say....

the Athletic Cup
Bra Cup
Second Cup
Drink Up (great for beer sponsorships)
Stan Lee Cup (great for Chinese sponsorships)

An Argo fan

When I first heard of this I was against it. But the more I thought of it the more I like it. The Tim HORTONS Grey Cup..mmmmmm.

With the extra money each team could possibly get a million each year which could help offset the need to raise season ticket prices every year.

Also the money that the league keeps could help to keep the cost of a Grey Cup ticket affordable to all. They are getting a little high now I think.

So the light just came on.....

Has anyone approached the tea company to see if they want naming rights?....hey, "The Grey Cup" has a nice ring to it.... :smiley:

2 ways it can be done tastefuly:

the 95th grey cup presented by pepsi


pepsi's 2008 grey cup game

the tacky way it would be done:

the pepsi grey cup

"Dofasco Tiger Cat Darren Flutie pulls in the Leon's football to score the ABC Financial touchdown in the Lakeport Fourth Quarter to win the Baby Bumpers Babysitting Company Grey Cup brought to you by Tim Horton's and the Liberal Sponsorship Fund"

Certain things need to be hands off to corporations.
Two seasons ago the Dofasco Vision posted "The Pizza Pizza National Anthem" for a few games.
Somebody grew a brain and it quickly disappeared.

I don't want player's jerseys to start looking like NASCAR cars.

I hope the CFL brass was smart enough to intenionally leak this story to the press to guage fan reaction.
After looking over posts on many CFL Team sites and the CFL site, I think there are a few "good idea"s, many "whatever"s and lots of "no way"s.
That should kill the idea.

The only ones drinking champagne out of the cup would be those effete panty-waists from up the QEW (assuming they ever win another one).

REAL football players will be drinking BEER out of the cup. (Either that or JD. That could produce the Mother of all hangovers though...)

Either that or Marvel Comics will sponsor it.