Naming high school a perfect way to honour Ticats star Bernie Custis

Naming high school a perfect way to honour Ticats star Bernie Custis

It was just days after the Hamilton public school board created an online poll asking for suggestions for a name to be given to its high school under construction across the street from Tim Hortons Field, that CHCH sportscaster Bubba O'Neil made his pitch.
Bernie Custis Secondary. It has to be Bernie Custis Secondary.

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Knowing the Hamilton School Board, I wouldn't get my hopes too high . They changed George R Allen School to Cootes Paradise School. The school sits right beside a conservation area called Cootes Paradise. They named a new high school after a politician from the steel city who crossed a picket line during a steel company strike . We currently have 2 Memorial schools and a Mountain View and a Mount View School . We have an Eastdale and a Westdale School.

God only knows what this school board will do but Bernie Custis should be honoured .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I believe the 4 finalists are:

  1. Juravinski High

  2. Ron Joyce High

  3. David Braley High

  4. Lincoln Alexander High

You forgot:

Ohmygodimso High.

school should be called the Nathan Cirillo Memorial High School , not named after an American athlete even though he played here

After reading the article this would be a great choice for naming the school after Bernie Custis .

Another school teacher Russ Jackson like Bernie Custis was also an educator . Definitely feel an educator and historical figure in the area would make a good choice for a school name .

The other names are good but there are lots of streets in the city or parks they could find their way on .

How not to name a Hamilton school
The public school board is ignoring the obvious choice right under its nose, Scott Radley writes

Well-written article. Hard to disagree.

For sure. While reading the article, my mind drifted (again), this time to an obituary which has been regularly exchanged in emails for years …

Can't believe this even up for debate. No wait...