Naming division rivals Redblacks/Alouettes

What can we name this division rival between Ottawa/Montreal?

The Battle of ....

The Battle of the QEW - Argonauts vs Tiger-Cats

The Battle of Alberta - Stampeders vs Eskimos

The Battle of the Prairies - Roughriders vs Blue Bombers

How about The Battle of the River Cities?

The Hundred Year War.

The Log-Roller's Rumble

The battle of Deux Cotes


Along a similar line:

The Rumble for/of/on the Rapids


The Bilingual Battle / La bataille bilingue

The Trudeau Tussle

The Black, Red, and Blue Bruhaha

The (highway) 50 Fight

The Fabricated Rivalry

The 417 something (battle, war, rivalry, series, etc.), just like in hockey

Not very familiar with the history of the CFL are you.

You must be very young.

No point coming up with a rivalry name until/unless my Als are competitive again.

How about ?

The folded twice and rejoined the CFL rivals.

For myself I remember the Ottawa - Montreal rivalry of the 70's when both teams dominated the East.

Plus, the cities are close enough that both fan bases would make road trips to the others park.

That was a natural rivalry.

I think just the Ottawa Montreal rivalry is all we need for a name.

Yes I am
no I'm not.

... but is there actually a rivalry right NOW?

In the CFL, a franchise's fortunes can turn on a dime. With Durant in Montreal and Hank retired, the two teams could well be on equal footing come June.

The Fight of the Phoenixes?

The Walking Dead War?

If there isn't a rivalry NOW, it's clearly due to the lack of a cracking name for that rivalry. :wink:

I hope so, but the last four years have taught me not to be too optimistic. We'll see. The good news is that our offense can only go up from last year.

If the Als were to be competitive, there will be.

Also there is that geographic of being close.

What I was getting at was when they dominated the East and there was a definite carry over that lasted until 1987 when the Als folded. Then by the time Stallions moved to Montreal, Ottawa folded in 96.

When you have 2 teams that are gone at different times it gets lost.

Thus you do not need to FABRICATE anything. Just rebuild it. Start by pairing them up in Ottawa for Labour Day and keep the tradition.

So, when you ask " is there one now? " , I say yes, but just needs a push.

Scheduling games on weekends is a must for these two teams to develop a rivalry again. Of the nine games they have played since Ottawa has been back in the league, five have been on Friday nights and four have been on Thursday nights. Fans from opposing teams need to be able to travel to and attend games easier. Meeting in the playoffs would also help (the last time that happened was in 1985).

Duron Carter tried his best, but even he can only do so much.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

" Hey Rick, here I come, so lets gets this thing started"

[i]How about:

The "Redblack lumberjacks" VS the "Kavis REED ain't got an effin clue crew"?

Sounds about right to Johnny. :cowboy: [/i]