Names on Uniforms

What gives with no names on uniforms. I have a tough time remembering all the player's numbers. Why aren't they using names anymore? This just happened out of the blue. I noticed in the last Toronto game, Toronto had names but Hamilton didn't. Are all teams going to this practise and what is the reason?

Those are the retro uniforms. Since there was no names on the jerseys in the 60’s they are keeping with that practice with the retro jerseys. Toronto asked the CFL if they could put the players names on their jerseys as they are trying to build some name recognition and they felt that they needed the names for that reason.

They will continue to have the names on the regular jerseys not the retro.

Yeah we have been spoon fed names for awhile now. Back in the 60's and before they didn't use names and the numbers became a icon of their own. (Kind'a like Wayne Gretzky and 99) You didn't need to know the names of players because you knew them by their numbers. Well I'm sure the whole team wasn't iconic but the stars were.

Now a days there is so much player movement it doesn't make sense to relate one player a number. Hence the popularity of names on the back.