Names on jerseys -- Are there any rules?

I've noticed three that bug me. There may be more. "BRUCE III" in BC and "SEARS JR" and "TURNER JR," both in WPG. Why does the league allow such things? These players are not listed as "III" or "Jr." in their team profiles, where they could be correctly, but they are, incorrectly, on their jerseys. i.e. - Arland Bruce is not the third Bruce. He's the third Arland in that Bruce family. What's next on CFL jerseys -- HE HATE ME TOO ?

Huh? He's Arland Bruce III and has always been Arland Bruce III. This is just the first time he's put the "III" on his jersey. Also, Sears and Turner are both juniors, so they put "Jr." on their jerseys. I don't see how putting "Jr." or "III" is equatable to putting "He Hate Me" on the back of a jersey (also, that reference is over 10 years old; it's about as timely as making a "the CFL has two Rough Riders" joke). It's not like their names aren't Johnny Sears, Jr., Bryant Turner, Jr. and Arland Bruce III. I really don't understand why this is a problem for you.

If I were in charge, the only time I'd allow "III" or "Jr" on a nameplate would be if the player's same-named dad was also in the lineup. There is no reason for anything other than the surname, other than a first initial if two players both have the same surname. Using III or Jr is just a vanity move by these players.

I'M guessing you have a "KKEP OFF MY LAWN SIGN " on your yard? :smiley:

He's not the third Bruce; he's the third Arland. If the names on the players' back are supposed to be their surnames, then the "III" doesn't belong there as it's not part of his surname.

I thought it was even more ridiculous when Bruce decided to change his name, but kept the "III". He is the third Arland Bruce, not the third Runako Reth - unless he managed to convince his father an grandfather to change their names.

But whatever floats his boat....

The names on the backs of jerseys are last names. Arland Bruce III's last name is not Bruce III. It's Bruce. I wonder if the III is on his birth certificate. If not, then it probably shouldn't be on his jersey.

He s Bruce the 3rd.

A bit off topic, but a pet peeve of mine is the increasing amount of hyphenated last names. There is only so much room on a jersey!

No, he's Arland the third. His father is Arland Richard Bruce Jr., i.e. Arland the second. His son is Arland Bruce IV, the fourth generation to be named Arland.

Arland Bruce III's surname is "Bruce".

I believe Buono said something like this about Bruce "He can call himself whatever he wants and put whatever name he wants on his jersey, as long as he makes plays".

The rules on uniforms cover all sorts of things but not what name is on the back (other than it can't be someone else's name, which would probably violate the "confusion" rule) - I think that is more of a marketing thing between the CFLPA and the team/CFL and jersey sponsors.

if the player can simply play football and make plays for his team, then he can put whatever he wants on his back, I’m happy.

It is, as you call it, "a problem" for me simply because it is incorrect and, IMHO, makes the CFL look silly in a lesser but similar, way that "He Hate Me" (the most recent stupidity displayed on a pro sport jersey that I can recall) helped make the XFL a joke. Obviously not everyone understands like pw13, CatsFaninOttawa, and PiCat (at least somewhat) do. Answering kasps' question -- of course I do, but not spelled that way.

That hasn't always been the case. Sometimes players have their first initial on the back of their jerseys if there are two or more players with the same last name. Why need the first initial. Are we going to confuse Williams 80 with Williams 9? The initial thing is something I've never understood (and it was done away with in the NFL when Kyle Brady signed with the Patriots; the NFL didn't want to have to make a bunch of new Tom Brady jerseys with "T. Brady" on the back).

Besides, the "III" and the "Jr." come after a player's last name. They aren't Arland the Third Bruce or Johnny Jr. Sears. It really just feels like nitpicking to care if the "III" or the "Jr" is on the back of a player's jersey.

It's not about understanding; it is about not caring. It seems like such a silly thing to complain about. But if that is how you feel, that is how you feel. Personally, I don't care what is on a player's jersey.

Placing th number or "junior" after the surname may be the convention, but that does not make it part of the surname. I don't know if Arland has any siblings, but if he did, they would not have "III" after their names. Nor did his father have "III" after his name, and his son has "IV" after his name. Why? Because he is the fourth in a line in the family with the name Arland Bruce.

And here we agree. As long as the name isn't vulgar, a commercial plug, or some other type of bizarre message, it doesn't really matter to me what a player wants to wear on his back.

I had something something about players with the same last name but different first names initially, but deleted it. That type of situation is different, in my opinion, because it is/was only done when two players have the same last name and the purpose is to distinguish two different players (which is somewhat relevant to the game), not to indicate how many generations people within the same family have had the same name (which is not). As you say, though, the jersey numbers can be used to uniquely identify the players, so it's not even important then. But in the same vein, they could just omit the names from jerseys altogether. Every rugby match I've watched, for example, shows only numbers on jerseys and no names.

It's neither correct or incorrect because that sort of terminology applies to rules, regulations and other matters of fact - it IS accurate to call it, as you say "a problem for me " because that would be opinion. Now, to argue otherwise, THAT would be incorrect.


I'll have to agree with you on that point, robsawatsky, as I can't find anything in the CFL Rule Book, regarding having players' names on the back of their jerseys.

My calling it "incorrect," was related to the use of a name suffix not following a the person's FULL name. I also assume that, based on what I've observed over the years, there must be a CFL direction at least, if not rule, calling for players to be identified by their surname on the back of jerseys and that when, and only when, two or more players on a team share an identically spelled surname, more information (i.e. - first initials) should be added. From what I've observed that is the standard in all other sports leagues where players are identified by name on their jerseys

From Wikipedia:
A name suffix, in the Western English-language naming tradition, follows a person's full name and provides additional information about the person.

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Oilerrocker the third.

Watching NFL Live on TSN2 and noticed that Robert Griffin III has "GRIFFIN III" on the back of his jersey.