Names and uniforms

Well I'm glad Edmonton did the right thing and changed their name to the Elks, and I really liked the new helmets with the antlers. So today I tune in to the Elks-Stamps Labour Day rematch and see that they've changed the damn helmets, shrinking the antlers to ant-size to make room for an elk head. I happen to believe that uniforms are important and help fans identify with a team. Well my feeling is that the new helmet logo is just a visual jumble and they should go back to just the antlers. I liked it when they scored and did their antler dance with their arms coming up out of their heads. Not today. You're
just getting used to something and they change it, usually for the worse. The EE on the jerseys is okay because it was a cool logo and of course still fits, but the letters are much too thick.
Maybe make them thinner or put them on the helmet towards the front and go back to the old big antlers.
While I'm at it, will the Stamps ever decide what their uniforms are? I guess they wear different colours, black or red, or white, depending on how the other team is dressed. OK. But they seem to have about 7 combinations and it makes it a bit of a disconnect when you have an image of a team and it keeps changing. BTW, Argos light blue pants look like pyjama bottoms.

…are you a professor of fashion?! :crazy_face: not a big fan of light blue pants either my friend…

…agree with you also on the EE helmets yesterday…the sideways elk head is a decent logo for sure but for marketing and doesn’t transfer well to the helmet…it’s too small and thin to see from a distance, and one side is facing backwards…

….I would do a elk head face on with a big rack on the front of the jersey and the EEs on the helmet…

Sorry to take so long to reply. I definitely like your idea for the jersey front! Then with the elk there it would be ideal to put the EE back on the helmet. Gotta send this to management.

Hockey jersey logo look left over from the US expansion experiment is unsettling to look at kinda like if the NHL decided to use just numbers in front of the jersey .

I do like the larger sized font double EE without the outline patch on the helmet for some games .

Actually, looking at the double E in this pic, I'm changing my tune
re what I said. The EE seems to me kind of old and tired. Also, yesterday they were back to the helmet with the big antlers and that looked really good.