Names: a thing can hardly get right

Once again, can't even spell-check the names of people its talking about. Is it because of a lack of professionalism or because they just don't care? I notice it everytime they screw up names of Quebecers, because I happen to know the real names, but I do imagine they screw up a lot of other names of people I never heard of before.

This time, CIS defensive player of the week was called Aimable instead of Amable. Some might say its no big deal, but it is. It shows the league don't really care about who they talk about. They even do that with CFL players (remember the article on "Dwayne" Butler and the player of the week "Reggie" Collier?)

Frustrating. And for CIS guys, that may be the only time in their life they'll be publicly recognized, and all they have to show for it is a paper full of errors.

I agree. It is one thing for posters to get names wrong on a fan forum, it is a completely different kettle of fish for a publisher to get the names incorrect.
Come on, you have to do a better job here. Proofread!

Professionalism at its finest.....names are very important to a person - I mean really.....who doesn't like to hear/see/read their own name? My first name is spelled much differently than most other people with my name, and even though I expect to see it misspelled often, it still bothers me when people get it wrong. I imagine they could easily get it right on, though - all it would take is an extra 30 seconds of research.

.......I see what you mean jm02, how can someone misspell jehosephat?........

.....actually, babe-alicious is more difficult for some people to spell than you'd parents made the grave error of inserting a hyphen where there should not have been one.....

Good thing you didn't come out as a boy, that would've been a really bad name for him come recess-time. :slight_smile:

I always get the iou part wrong when I try to spell what I now know is your name. :slight_smile:

The only name that I see on there that I recognize is David Stevens, and well, if they can't spell that right they probably shouldn't be allowed to work in a field that requires knowin' yer letters....

What is this in reference to?


This was in reference to the article on the CIS players of the week which was on the front page this morning. It is now bumped in the "Newsroom" section, because three new texts appeared on the front page.

Speaking of that CFLpm, I'd like to congratulate your team for we now have way more news to read about on That used to be a weakness of the site. There were not enough content update. Now its good, but mistakes happen a bit to often in them.

CIS articles/press releases come directly from the CIS. We can only assume that they would get the names of their players of the week correct.

As for your reference to "Dwayne" Butler and "Reggie" Collier, I am interested to know when these errors took place.


Never blame the guys on the site! They do a great job!

Yes, redwhite, you're right.....they do a great job.....but if there are errors being made in person's names, then they should be corrected.....

I agree jm02. I'm the worst speller on this site, but if I was doing a job to write an article (a real one) on this site, I do my absolute best to make sure it's spelled right and makes sense.

OK kanga Ive been meaning to ask you this for a while...why dont you check your posts for spelling? I know im not perfect myself but its an easy thing to do and saves any miscommunication or barbs from people who have nothing better to do but critisize someone for bad spelling (hey, kind of like Im doing now!)

I do my best, my spelling be pretty good recently! if I go on a computer w/o a spell check thing on the internet bar, it really shows.

…I’m glad your spelling “be pretty good” recently, but your grammar stinks… :smiley: