Name Them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone name a quarterback whom the ti-cats developed from a rookie into a starting Q.B.
Im not talking about Q.B.s who left to be stars elsewhere.

I cant think of one...................

Chuck Ealey. He came in as a rookie in 1971 and played the last few games of the season. He looked good. The next year he took the Cats all the way to the Cup which was hosted in Hamilton and we won against Saskatchewan (13 to 10). Chuck was voted the most valuable Cup player.

Ken Hobart perhaps?

Well Monty, Chuck Ealey never played in 1971. He came in as a rookie in 1972 and led the team to the Grey Cup. As for Ken Hobart, he came to Hamilton from the United States Football League.

How long was Hobart here..Acouple years tops

Hobart was here for three years. Dave Marler would have been the last rookie QB to start a season, even though Eddie Smith was supposed to be the starter until he hurt his elbow early in the 1980 season.

I believe you are right. I thought Ealey came here late in the 71 season. My mistake. He did come in as a rookie in 72.

Mike Kerrigan, 1986. Became the Ticats all-time leading passer; eventually surpassed by McManus.

As for rookie QBs who left to become stars elsewhere: not in my lifetime. (Calvillo played in Las Vegas before Hamilton.)

It's a short list to be sure but I don't think in an eight team league it's that significant. A lot of CFL QBs play for more than 1 team in their careers. Many play for 3 or 4 teams. The Argos sure didn't develop Damon Allen but he won the CFL MVP with them. What's more important is what the team does with them once they get here.

An Argo fan

Will have to call on the resident historians here, but I think Bernie Faloney came to Hamilton directly from the States. Frank Cosentino (Canadian)was primarily a back up QB who played only for Hamilton in his career. Joe Zuger began his career in Hamilton as a DB, who later became a starting QB.

Bernie Faloney started his career in Edmonton.

I stand corrected. Thanks oldtimer. :oops:

The only rookie I can think of would be Chuck Ealey.

Where did Zuger come from when he started playing for the Cats?
Was he even a quarterback when he began his career in Hamilton?

That's going back a bit before me; anyone know?

Joe Zuger came directly to the Ticats as a QB/DB from University of Arizona where he had led U.S. colleges in punting and interceptions (made -- he was also a pretty good DB). If only he hadn't thrown 8 TD passes in the very first game he started at QB. He spent the rest of his career (10 years a Ticat, 3 Grey Cup wins, 2 of them as our starting QB) trying to live up to that.

Interesring coments,my point is we dont develop Q.B.s here and that is our problem.
Look at B.C. Winnipeg,Calgary,Sask,Edmonton,they always have good young Q.B.s in their system.

I think that every starting QB in the league has played with another CFL team except Ray.

Are you sure Damon Allen has been with another team?

Name me a QB that Montreal developed ? Or the Argos for that matter .

Damon Allen has played with most of the teams in the league, including BC, Hamilton, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto at least.

Most QBs in this league have played with a few teams. I don't think we're all that diffeent from other teams in not developing (and keeping, that seems to be the real issue)QBs.

Take a look around the CFL rosters, most starters have played elsewhere at the pro level before.

And take a look at the top QBs in the league in recent memory... very few have played only for one team over an extended period of time.

Edmonton seems to lead the CFL in QB scouting and development!Their record in rookie QB's is nothing short of amazing!!

At the risk of being corrected heres a few of their success stories .Warren Moon(ahemm) Matt Dunigan ,Damon Allen,Ricky Ray,Jason Maas.

Calgary Stampeders havn't done too shaby either, Garcia;Burris started in Calgary;Dickenson.

Ti-Cats have had alot better success with running backs who we've brought in as rookies over the years.

Whats up with our lack of QB development or luck in scouting?