name the last qb we develped

1972 chuck ealey,1981 dave marler went grey cup then we brought in tom clemments.1985 kenny hobart went to the cup,replaced by mile kerrigan we win 86 grey cup.
then mike took us 90 cup.

so last qb in this town we devolped and didnt trade or ruin was in mid 80s and before that in 1981 and 1972.all had something to do with going to championships.

so for 17 yrs we hadnt had a guy we brought in trained started won games and took us to the playoffs.
its unreal when you think aboutit. when you look at other teams during those years 89 to 2007.

#9 Joe Zuger
#11 Wally Gabler

Don MacPherson

Todd Dhillon and Pete Gonzalez. Also quality.

Ben Shankey and Buchie Washington, they were spectacular!

Cody Ledbetter

hamilton has not had a qb that we didnt ruin or trade or run out of town. Chuck ealey was the hero in "72, struggled in '73 and replaced by don Jonas in '74 ken hobart lasted a year and a half before he was demoted and Mike kerrigan was either loved or hated mostly hated by the fans when things went wrong during his time here and Anthony Cavillo in '95 replaced by Matt Dunigan and the replaced Matt in '96 then replaced by danny mcmanus in '98 Tom Clements probably one of the best qbs in his time had rocks thrown through his front door of his home all the qbs mentioned had some sucess in Hamilton but outside of tom clements were rushed into the job. I would rather have timmy chang wait and not be rushed before the same happens to him

While Joe Zuger did get his start and all his CFL playing time in Hamilton, Wally Gabler was signed out of college by the Argonauts and didn't get to Hamilton until several years later; he certainly was not "developed" by Hamilton.


Lets be a little fair.
The Cats have not lacked in QB talent all those years, just the fact that we did not develop one.

Who would have played over Danny Mac for the 7 or so years he was here?
In the 90's we also had Dunigan and Damon Allen, Deiter Brock was also in there somewhere.
Remember the owners did not exactly have deep pockets back then, and the team was on life support. Why recruit another BIG name QB was probably their mindset.

Frank Cosentino

it WILL BE RICHIE WILLIAMS if he ever gets the chance..
but we will probably trade him and he'll become a hall of famer!

jimmie jones.

Based on what? I like how fans already have this guy heading into the hall of fame -until he plays then he will join Butchie Washington, Todd Bankhead and all the boys on the wall of shame.

The last good one was Ken Hobart. Great player.

Thats the point , a guy cant come in and be a star right away . Most guys except for the very few need TIME . In Hamilton , the QB is the goat every time . No matter what is going on around him its always his fault .

Give Maas HALF the big plays that Calvillo gets away with and he would be WAY more successful . How many times has the man been forced to try and pull a rabbit out of his hat because some reciever dropped a sure thing went offside or an O lineman moves early !!!

No QB, not even Printers could win here until this stuff stops !!!!

Bump !!!!

OK like all the others you drastically overexaggerrating things. Every team has breakdowns in protection and dropped passes. Just like when we played Edmonton, Ray was sacked and hit more times in that game than Maas was and Peterson had 3 dropped passes that I counted.

Are you kidding me ?? How many times this season have we made a first down or made a big play only to have it called back ??

Countless times we have had a certain reciever go offside one taking away a TD !! We had over a 100 yds. penalties in the first half and how many of those were on the offense . Nothing is being exagerated here and id be willing to bet that Clavillo has way less than half the amouunt of plays called back as we have . Its a real problem and there is no getting around that !!!!

Yes but you're making it seem like our recievers go offside 5 times a game, I'd say it's more like 1-2 a game, which is normal in this league it seems. Recievers going offsides seems to be a problem for every team this year, not just us. It's the roughing type penalties we have the biggest problems with.

Its just not the offsides , its dropped balls , illegal motion , its roughing penalties and holding on punts that take good field position away . Its a host of things that Calvillo and alot of other QBS dont have to worry about !!!