Name that Ti must be winter

Simple game, you describe a Ti Cat (past or present) and others have to guess who it is. Whoever guesses correct has to post the next one.

I'll start off with an easy one:

This hard hitting linebacker from Georgia University still holds the school career tackle record with 467, and is a member of the Georgia University top 100 all-time athletes.

Name this Cat?

Ben Zambiasi

He was the starting QB out of training camp in the 1996 season.

Good job!

Was our QB Matt Dunigan, with
Anthony Calvillo as our future?

This TiCat is a member of the Tiger Cat Hall of Fame

He was good friends with, and attended North Carolina University at the same time as Michael Jordan.

Who is this Tiger Cat?


(I don't know what the "Ticat hall of fame" is though.)

You are correct canuckle.
Your turn.

I guess it is the Tiger Cat Wall of Fame Earl is a member of, not the Hall of Fame??

My bad, didn't know I had to do a follow up, and I'll be honest...I'm steakling this one straight out of a Grey Cup program.

He was one of five inductees into the HOF in '86 and made a total of 19 Grey Cup appearances as a player, an official and a trainer.

i will guess at jake gaudar but not sure if he was a trainer ever,

The answer is Jimmie (The Rooster) Simpson. Here's another one: Which Ti-Cat great and Canadian Football Hall of Famer attended Johnson C. Smith University?

Grover Covington.

Which former WR began his career in Edmonton, then played in Hamilton and ended his career as a punt returner for the blue team?

Double Blue, or Blue Bombers?

recent era, or oldie?

Mikefromthhammer, I'll guess Tommy-Joe Coffey.

Assuming that this is correct, here's the next:
Troy Davis had two 2000-yard seasons in college. Which former Ticat receiver also had a 2000-yard season as a running back?

That would be Archie Amerson.

Name the last player to win a Grey Cup with Hamilton then go on to a career in the NFL?

Tim Terry.
Went to Seattle after 1999 season.

Right HA191GCCC. I thought I had a "stumper". Just goes to show how knowledgeable Ticat fans are. (Just for clarification purposes the "blue team" I referred to is the Argos. I never thought someone would think I meant Winterpeg).

Your turn Zontar. Or would someone else like to "jump in"?

This Grey Cup champion Tiger Cat (not named Mosca)went on to be a pro wrestler.

This is stretching my brain, but was it Mike Samples?

The great 8 year Ti-Cat lineman, Bronko Nagurski?

Oops, I stand corrected, but instead of deleting my answer, allow me.

It was Bronko Nagurski's father, Bronko Nagurski Sr, also a pro football player but in the NFL, who became a prominent wrestler after his ball career.

If that is correct,
You are uo laughinghard

I didnt know they were father/son, but that isnt the answer anyway.