The Ottawa Kanata Melynk's I Guess Nots. :wink:

I really like the Outlaws thats got a catch to it with the double O's

Rough Riders ! Linking the past will help establish tradition and will help connect the city to their new team.

I liike tradition too, but unfortunately the owners stated that the name will not be the Rough Riders (or the Renegades), they want something new. They also said that Sask. RR vetoed the use of the name as a condition to letting the ownership group have the francise. Not sure how one team could veto an expansion bid, so must've had backing from other board members (or the ownership group was just using it as an excuse to not use the Rough Riders name, we may never know).

I had a idea for a totally different name, Ottawa Inferno (works both in English and in French) and having a red flaming O as their logo (but then probably a bit too similar to the Calgary Flames flaming C).

In any other situation with any other team in the CFL if this were to happen the old name would have been adopted without question ex Montreal Alouettes. In this case however the team has been gone for so long that Saskatchewan has laid claim to the Rider name. When you say Riders automatically Saskatchewan comes to mind. Ottawa will need to move forward and establish its new identity with a new generation of CFL fans. With the return of Carleton football using the Laval Corporation Model, Football will become an extremely popular among the young generation of sports fans in the Region. With the re-development project of Landsdowne Park which includes much more than a new stadium game day will be much more than just going to a football game it will be an outing for fans. Either hitting a resturant or stores for shopping before a night game or out for a few drinks at a sports Pub after their will be somehting for everyone to do especially on a summer evening in the Nations Capital.
To say the least it is exciting just to think about it and what it will mean to the sport of football in Canada.

A lot of really great and unique names the latest is the INFERNO. With a Big flaming O as their Logo.
I could see that on the helmets as well as mid field. A lot of great lead ins with the name could come. " the Inferno have blazed a trail of 6 stright wins" " The inferno Burn the Als to take the lead in the East" The TSN Panel would have a ball with this name.

Great call by someone.

Ottawa Impalers :stuck_out_tongue:


Wooo, Riflemen!

awesome logo ! Royal Riflemen! another RR that would really get under the roughriders skin. LOL

No need to act like I made a personal attack on you just because I said Capitals wasn't vary original. Never said that Centurians was an original name (obviously has been used in NFL Europe). If the team wanted to build more of a connection between the two pro teams in Ottawa (ie Senators and new football team), they could go for a name that envokes Roman imagery and is similar to the existing team (Sens - Cens.). Centaurs would work just as well, from Greco-Roman mythology and can be shortened to Cens. and is more unique.

How about we keep this tread civil, I'm sure there will be more suggestins that may not be considered good ideas, which is fine to say so, just leave the sarcasim out, seems kinda childish.
No sarcasm here I truly like the name centurians. I myself started this thread as I hav addmitted to my lack of origanality with some lame and usd up names

I don't think the RR part would get under anyone skins, anything with 'rider' or 'rough' in it would.

Of those suggested i have liked the Bulldogs, and riflemen the best

both excellent choices. Bulldogs has a profesional sound as the Bulldogs nickname new to the cfl but a longtime fav for sports teams and the Rifleman or my twist on it the Royal Rifleman is very fresh. Thats would I would like to see the Ottawa Franchise be very fresh very new. The Ottawa Rough Riders were a solid team for years in the CFL but they are now a part of the great CFL History and the Renegades no one wants to remember those days.

Two Thumbs Up on both names

The Regiment or the Battalion are great! They both have ties to football being a war with thwo teams fighting for land or field position!

2 Thumbs up

How about naming them after the politicians and call them the Crooks... :lol: :lol: ... but in all seriousness, what is wrong the Renegades? I agree with DG on that one...

To me the Renages bring up memories of an era of football in Ottawa that everyone want to forget.
Fresh new Stadium in a Freshly developed area
Fresh new ownership group OSEG who have a new vision for sports in Ottawa connecting the CFL franchise, the NASL franchise, and the Carleton Ravens football Corp The Old Crows together with the already Ottawa fury minor league soccer and the 67's Junior Hockey team creating a synergy model with limitless possibilities.
A fresh new name just seems right

Well, it is a bit unfortunate as I do very much like the name Renegades but perhaps something to forget that era I suppose regardless if the name is actually a decent one. :?

to can the name 'Renegades' just because of a couple bad years is pretty ridiculous. i mean, they never were allowed the time to gain any traction, especially with that poor expansion draft.

the Maple Leafs haven't done anything notable in years. does that mean they should change their name after this upcoming lockout, too?

the Renegades history in this league is very young and with proper management and good performance, people will quickly forget the previous incarnation, much like the people of Montreal have forgotten the poor years of the original Alouettes.
a name change isn't the best solution. just look at the Montreal Concords.

football in Ottawa has only ever had 2 names. you cannot use one, so why not use the other rather than adding a third to the list?

The Leafs would have to fold first DG... which may not be a bad thing, LOL...

The renegades never folded. Their operations were suspended....and was only supposed to be temporarily.

That's a good point dg and maybe it would be fitting that the new ownership can make the team successful with the help of the community and fans of course, and team, with the name Renegades as it is still in existence of sorts as you say.