Its time to start getting some ideas for the Ottawa Franchise. The Renegades are out for sure that just brings back bad Memories. New Owners, New Stadium, New and Better Expansion Draft Model. A new name is a must.
On another thread I had some Dud ideas.
Ottawa Football Senators. was deemed too dull
Ottawa-Gatineau Renagades. Including Gatineau in the teams identity almost got me run off the thread. Although it was encouraged to get the team more involved in the Gatineau community. RDS now televises other teams besides the Als on RDS or RDS2 Having some Ottawa games on the French network would help with promoting in Gatinuea. Especiall away games.
There were a few other ideas posted the best was the Rotweillers ( not sure i spelled that right) The R could still be in affect but I think going with a new Logo of the Rotweiller itself would really make it a fresh look. On the Helmets for sure would look awesome and mean. They could be called the Rots for short Rots vs Ti Cats; Rots vs. Leos

SO LET THE NAMING BEGIN. So far I really like the Rotweillers rots for short.
Lets see who can come up with some great names. sky is the Limit as Renagades is OUT along with Rough Riders

The Ottawa Capitals was one of my lame name ideas. Caps for short.

Go 'Gades go!

Please, not some arbitrary animal. Rottweilers? really? Well doesn’t that just strike fear into the hearts of opponents. I mean we all know how intimidating the Memphis Mad Dogs were…

I am ok with Renegades, although I’m sure brain storming could come up with some better names.


The best name that I have ever seen for a CFL team was , The GANDER GUPPIES. :lol:

Not bad. The names should be fun and exciting. Sometimes they can be unique even if it does not relate to the area. Its a fresh start for the franchise and the CFL so an old name bringing back bad memories, Renegades, need not even be considered.
Go Rots, Otts Gander Gups. Lol

As General Lewis MacKenzie suggested on an Ottawa open line station a couple of weeks ago:

"The Regiment" - it's linked to Ottawa being a military town and the PPCLI Regiment which had their first parade at Lansdowne before they marched to trains and then off to France in WWI

I prefer "The Battalion"

What about the Ottawa Bulldogs? It does have a connection to the original Ottawa Rough Riders.

In 1898 when the Ottawa City Football Club adopted the name Rough Riders, Bill the bulldog was the team mascot. It was the responsibility of one of the spare men to hold the leash of Bill during game.

Bill the bulldog was so important to the Ottawa Rough Riders that year that he shows up on the championship pin and pendant.

I like it the dogs for short or the b dogs

Actually the name GANDER GUPPIES was a name some one had made up for a CFL team in GANDER , Newfoundland.
But it works for OTTAWA too. :wink: :smiley:

I really , really like that name. :thup:

I hope that the NFL didn't copy write it. :thdn:

Ghost Riders

That would really be a cool name but the riders part may cause a stir but i do not think that they would refer to them as the riders but rather the ghosts. The" Ghosts of Ottawa are in town this week"
Maybe the Ottawa Gray Ghosts going with Gray as part of their new colors. A gray, red, black combo in their uniforms with gray replacing the white.

Sask would be opposed to any name using Riders, whether it's Ghost Riders, Red Riders, Black Riders, or just plain Riders.
Would have a better chance using Roughies as the name.
Not opposed to the Bulldogs suggestion as it does have some history with the team. Something else to think about, the RR merged with another up and coming Ottawa team in the '30s called the Rangers, which might be good if they want to keep the capital R logo. Not sure if I like the name Ottawa Rangers, it's OK I guess (better than the Capitals which is kinda boring).
If they want to try to build symatry with the NHL team, they could call themselves the Centurians, sort form the Cens. :wink:

OOOO CENTURIANS now that is different and very unique for sure

That is a great name too. :thup:

[quoteOOOO CENTURIANS now that is different and very unique for sure]
No need to act like I made a personal attack on you just because I said Capitals wasn't vary original. Never said that Centurians was an original name (obviously has been used in NFL Europe). If the team wanted to build more of a connection between the two pro teams in Ottawa (ie Senators and new football team), they could go for a name that envokes Roman imagery and is similar to the existing team (Sens - Cens.). Centaurs would work just as well, from Greco-Roman mythology and can be shortened to Cens. and is more unique.

How about we keep this tread civil, I'm sure there will be more suggestins that may not be considered good ideas, which is fine to say so, just leave the sarcasim out, seems kinda childish.

I think there was a bit of that with the Renegades. The "Rens" and the "Sens".

You will not find any sarcasm from me about any name suggestions on this site. Expansion is exciting and naming the new team is part of the excitement. You have seen the lame names that I had come up with so let them fly so far there have been some great names this was intended to be a fun thread.

Ottawa Gladiators
Ottawa Specters or Ottawa Spectres
Ottawa Omens
Ottawa Outlaws