Name our Teams online form

Finally launched.

Quite simple. They're not looking for votes, they're looking for suggestions.

"...we can’t use Renegades because, frankly, we just don’t want to."

At least they're honest! :rockin:

I voted for Rough Riders and Rouge et Noir

And nice and clear.


CFL: Ottawa Riflemen

NASL: Ottawa Intrepid SC

1200 submissions in 24 hours...Wow...

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Jeff Hunt knew there would be a lot of suggestions when Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group opened up a Name Our Teams campaign for its new football and soccer franchises.

He just didn’t know it would be this overwhelming ... as in 1,200 suggestions in less than a day.

While many of the suggestions were for the CFL team, others came in for the NASL franchise. Both will begin play in 2014.

“I’m a bit incredulous to tell you the truth,? said Hunt Thursday. “We had one hiccup in the software, but I’m blown away by the response. If that’s a sign of things to come, holy smokes.?

The Name Our Teams campaign will run until Dec. 16 at Whatever name is chosen out of all this will be surrounded by familiar colours.

‘Red, white and black’

“To me, nothing is more synonymous with sports in Ottawa than the colours red, white and black,? said Hunt. “There is no question. The football team will be red, white and black.

“We’ve spoken to the branding company (Downstream), thinking maybe they would say it was up for a total revamp. They said it’s an Ottawa tradition, that is what the colours should be.?

Through this process, Hunt is also trying to find the team’s first GM, a process he hopes to wrap up before February. He has identified and ranked a Top 10 list of candidates.

“The quality of the applicants has been tremendous,? he said. “It’s a challenge to get a shortlist ... we had 38 names on our list as of Wednesday. That tells me we’re going to get a good GM.

“There are some guys on our list that haven’t applied, but we want to target.?


Webpage still isn't working for me. Maybe it's because I'm in the States?

I'll try again when I'm back home.

I'm in Florida and I had no problem voting, both of us voted.

I voted "Ottawa Football Club - Club de Football d'Ottawa" for the CFL team, and "Ottawa City" for the NASL team. 8)

Still doesn't work for me (and yes, all fields were filled in). With all the submissions, maybe they disabled it already.

Do we know a date for a name announcement?

The name-the-team thing doesn't end until the 16th. I think the whole package (name, logo, etc) will be revealed in February or so but I'm going on possibly faulty memory.

That design firm in Oregon has to work their magic. Mind you, I guess they could reveal the name, then the logo at a later date, but it didn't sound as though that was the plan.

If I were them I'd wait until I could unveil the entire enchilada at once. Team name, logos, jerseys home and away, everything. It would make it final and head off any last-ditch attempts to bang the drum to change it in the media by those who don't like it. Assuming there is always somebody who won't like the decision whatever it is.

I voted for the CFL name as the Rebels, I didn't vote for the NASL name because I don't care for soccer

Does anyone actually think they haven't already picked a name? This online form is nothing more than publicity.

I got this form the Ottawa Group,


A “thank you for your submission? page is In the process of being created – but as long as you fill out the info and hit submit, they are still receiving them (even though you don’t receive any different page or message afterwards.)



Voted for the best name:

Ottawa Football Club

That design firm in Oregon? Is there no company in Canada that could have done the designing? After all I thought this was the Canadian Football League and in the Nations Capital to boot! Kind of embarrassing . :oops: Maybe we should call them the Ducks.

I would have preferred a Canadian company too but while there may be companies in Canada who could have done a nice job, I certainly am not aware of any who bring the resumé that the Oregon one does.

And Oregon State is called the Beavers. I'd sooner go with that, given the choice. Far more appropriate.