Name One Thing You Think Can Stop The Patriots.

I don't like them, but I respect them. And, in my opinion, only one thing can take down the Pats.

Chuck Norris.

Injury to tom brady

Peyton Manning.

Im not even sure if Peyton can do it... And I think Peyton is the better quarterback...

a bus

I see you've jumped on the Patriots bandwagon. I didn't think there'd be any room left.

Nope. Don't like the Pats at all and would be happy to see them lose the rest of their games. But I gotta admit they look incredibly solid right now (there's no way everyone they've played is that horrible, is there?).

However, the Cowboys played them even until late in the third quarter while missing one of their top corners.

I would say if anyone has a chance to stop their run through the playoffs this year it would be Indy or the Cowboys.

Me? I hate the Pats.

Id rather the Cowboys win man!

I was actually referring to Jman. Guess I should have quoted. :oops:

Yeah, I just can't stand the way people are hyping the Pats. Obviously some of it is deserving, but still... It's just ridiculous how after every week the sports analysts are saying the same things: The Pats dominated. Who can stop them? Can they go undefeated? This team is so much better than their Super Bowl teams. Blah, blah, blah.

They just aren't used to seeing that much offense every week. Once in a while, yeah, but not every week. Kinda the opposite side of the Bears defense when they won the Super Bowl.

Did you read the very first thing I said about them? "I dont like them" lol....
But their is little doubt that they are the best team in the leauge right now...

They've looked fantastic so far, but it probably should be noted that of the teams they've beat so far have a combined record of 24-34.

If they can continue to roll against Indy this upcoming week which will be a huge game, then i'll be even more impressed.

I really don't like their arrogance... Like they didnt have to run up the score like they did vs Washington... I mean 45-0, en route to the 52-7 win is kind of ridiculous. They gambled on 2 4th downs, one of which was inside Washington's 10. I don't think thats what football is about.

I can't stand anything from or related to the state of massachusetts, but damnit their good.

The only thing stopping them is Tom Brady knocking up another ex-girlfriend and it becomming a huge distraction, or if he get's hurt. One of the two.

Are you reffering to a bus or "the bus" as in Jerome Bettis comming out of retirement? :lol:

I can't stand anything from or related to the state of massachusetts, but damnit their good.
GCup, just a hunch here but you almost sound like a bitter Yankee fan! :D

I dunno, but I saw a funny picture about that after the first kid…

Injury to Brady or also as said, the Colts. The protection Brady gets is unreal.

I am. But hey let's look at the score:

Red S U X:7 world series championships
YANKEES:26 world series championships

GO YANKEES IN '08! :cowboy: :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin:

Yanks are going one way next year Gc, down, down, down. Joe Torre is an excellent manager and they let him go.