Name of Song

They play this song before kickoffs at least I know they do in Winnipeg, I was always wanting it, and I was browsing Google Video and theres part of it in this clip at 3:45 anyone no what its called?

[url=] ... 6795057218[/url] @ and then seek to 3:45. It was funny this random video I wanted to see what it was, and then this song I want is in here.

Any help is appreciated.

That song would be "Neocon" by The Offspring, from their album "Splinter", released in 2003. It's the first cut on the album, and is more of an intro to the album itself, as it's only a minute long.

Thank you will be kindly be accepted in the form of a cheque made out to "Cash".....

thanks yea The 50 bucks should arrive within a week