Name of new Stadium

Have not been on this site before but after reading some of the comments around the new stadium I am a little confused…are people really thinking about calling it the Ron Lancaster Stadium… Mr. Lancaster had a wonderful CFL career …but 16 of those years were in Regina. As a fan in their mid-fifties I find it a little disconcerting that we would pass by several great Ticat player and/or builders that have contributed more to Ticat football than Mr. Lancaster.

Why not John Barrow a former offensive and defensive lineman for the TiCats. He played from 1957 to 1970, was a CFL All-Star 11 times, and was voted the CFL “lineman of the century” in 1967. Barrow won four Grey Cups with the Tiger-Cats

He represents what Hamilton football has always been about…and he played here.

Just my opinion

No disrespect to Mr.. Lancaster, but I agree.
What about Bernie Faloney Stadium?
I'm not even old enough to remember seeing him play.

If we were to put a player's name on the stadium, afan,
your choice is a great one, and your's is, too, rockfish.

but sadly, corporate money speaks louder than sentimentality these days.

Whichever corporation bids the highest will have their name on the stadium.


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Your right ...and as a tax payer i don't mind if a corporation wants to put out the big bucks and have it named after themselves. Just please please please please don't name it after any politician. An interesting choice would be Veterans Stadium in honour of the men and woman who have given their lives to allow us the freedom to post on sites like this and voice our opinions.

Billy Sherring Stadium (Hamilton's famous Boston Marathoner)

I hate to say it, but given the 50 million that we are going to need for the stadium, it's probably going to have a corporate name. At least if Tim Horton's does it, we'd get a Hamilton born sportsman as an added bonus.

Anyways, I'd be down with Sherring, adds a "More then just a football stadium" element to it.

Tim Hortons the doughnut empire was born in Hamilton.

Tim Horton the hockey player was born in Cochrane, Ontario.

Huh, go figure. I thought he was born here. Guess I was wrong.

I think you're right when you say that a corporate name is probably going to be on the new stadium. But perhaps the "field" could be named after a Ticat. Maybe "Ralph Sazio Field".

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HAHAHA ok tht was a bad one... I dont really worry about stadium names but it shouldn't be a person's name. And corporate names are like stuck for a long time .. so if they pay to have a name it better be a major investment to be smething as important as the name....

I have no ideas at the moment but i always liked the naming contests .... but nowadays everything is sold to corporations for a few bucks ... just hope it's not anything Tim Hortons

Bob's Stadium and Boutique :lol:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Boutique? HAHAHA good one

Lulu Park

Only 3 words are needed. "Angelo Mosca Stadium" he has done more then any other ti-cat in the city in my mind, and still contributes to the team and the city!

The name will have to reflect the community and/or major constributors to the final product. The field is intended as a multi-use facility so that would pretty much rule out naming it after a single player from the Cats. As many have suggested on other posts it will probably start off as PanAm Stadium until the games are over and the end up a coporation and community name. Horton's Harbour Stadium, Fluke Field, etc :lol: I still like something that honours the veterans.
Veterans Field, Valour Stadium, something along that line I guess.

While thinking about this, I looked up the names of the NFL home fields to have a look see what they were named after. They all seem to be named after the owners, location, major corporations, that type of thing. This is a list of all the stadia over the years, kind of cool.

[url=] ... ague_teams[/url]
:roll: Fail.

some good suggestions here