Name for possible future Quebec team

I've seen tons of discussion on the names for teams in Halifax, and even recently London (the that one!)

But I've never seen any suggestions about what a possible team would be called in Quebec City.

Any ideas?

Quebec-city cobras
Quebec-city concords ( name has a CFL history )
QC Royals
Quebec-city contract killers ( j/k )

whatever the name, i hope they look like this ( and halifax looks like the other team in this pic):

Why don't we ask Don Cherry, I'll bet he would come up with a dandy.

I like Cobras. I womder if its the same in French? Anyone???

Quebec City Cardinals

Les Nationalistes
Les Carnivales?

Les Voltigeurs.

“The Canadian Voltigeurs were a Light Infantry unit, raised in Lower Canada in 1812, and which fought in the War of 1812.”

“Recruiting was brisk; in addition to a bounty of £4, the recruits were promised a grant of 50 acres of land on discharge. Almost all the soldiers and most of the officers were French-speaking, which led to the unit being widely known as the Voltigeurs, a French word meaning “vaulter” or “leaper”, and given to elite light infantry units in the French Army. However, all formal orders on the parade ground or in battle were given in English.”

quebec-city voltigeurs doesnt roll off the tounge like the edmonton eskimos for example.

I would like to note that I included a name up above that was edited out and replaced with something calling me stupid.

It was a name that had actually been suggested to me in fun, multiple times, while I lived in Quebec, by Quebecois, who were neither drunk nor deranged at the time.

It contained no swearing, no scatological references, and was not intended to be derogatory in any fashion. It was along the line of the 'Wisconsin Cheeseheads'.

I believe that a moderator overreacted although - to be honest - some people might have been offended or thought that I intended to offend.

I am sorry if anybody was offended. However, it was an honest repeat of a standard joke that was common among my Quebecois friends.

I believe that a pm by a mod might have clarified matters or allowed me to edit it myself rather than it ending up with me being called names by a mod.

Unfortunately, it would appear that we all may make mistakes.

Deleting comments may be the job of a mod

but saying 'it was edited for stupidity'
is totally unacceptable, Mark.

What audacity!

Anybody would be very upset
if it happened to them.

He or she should be sternly warned
that it better never happen again.


I am e-mailing this opinion to

what was the nicname Mark?? you could send a pm :thup: i like voyagers with a canoe paddle for the logo :cowboy:

My apologies for writing it that way.
I meant the name not the poster!

Mark has told me that he meant no offence for what he wrote, however it was offensive none the less.


l'argent et bleu de honolulu

cavaliers rugueux


....Le wait, that's Ottawa's next franchise name...

Les Monarques
Les Chevaliers

Chavaliers was one I was about to suggest, but someone beat me to it.
I would also suggest Fusilliers (or Grenadiers) with the old fashoined flaming grenade as the logo.

I can picture their stadium to be like one of those throw back ones for the MLB with bricks and all that "nice stuff".

same here