Name for Ottawa's Franchise

Reading through some of the old posts on the Ottawa board made me want to put up a name poll for the team for when they come back (let's hope for 2008).

I've included some of the suggestions that have been posted for the poll.

It sounds like the prospective owner wants to revive the old Rough Riders name or at least name them Riders.

I thought it was a good thing that the Renegades name allowed the CFL to get away from having two teams with the same name. I'd rather they keep that or go to something other than Rough Riders (though it'll still be nice to see Ottawa rejoin the league no matter what the name).

A lot of people have noted that they want a return to an 'R' logo on the helmet. I agree with that as it ties into the history of Ottawa's past glories (as long as they are Renegades, Riders (of some sort) or anything that starts with an 'R').

I'd like either the Renegades or the Black Riders (if they're gonna be Riders). Renegades continues the current franchise name and avoids any confusion/ridicule with Rough Riders or Roughriders or Riders in general. If they're going with Riders, I do like Black Riders. I believe Black Riders has been used informally for the Rough Riders before (to distinguish from Saskatchewan). Also, I think Black Riders sounds mean and conjures up some images of the badass Black Riders (Ring Wraiths) from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Here we go again :roll:

Renegades font in the Rough Riders style:

Black Riders isn't bad ... I'd still stick with Renegades.

Ottawa Outlaws..

outlaws?...isnt that what a renegade is?

Ottawa Defuncts

Back Agains

anything without the words “rough” or “riders”

Outlaws are the politicians in Ottawa that fleece us each and every day.
I like it.


The media riducled the CFL enough back in the 80's and 90's with the Two Rough riders. We don't need the negative press again.

Lets start fresh with something new?

Agreed on not needing any more negative press than the CFL ALREADY gets ... but is that to say that before the 80's, having two Rough( )riders wasn't a source of ridicule? That would be really interesting ... to learn that although the teams had been around for decades, the media only started bashing the two similar names in the 80's ...

I would vote for the Ottawa Outlaws, but only if you bring back the Las Vegas Posse so we could have a good old fashioned showdown, Partner!


Liars Club
Bad Boys
Garbage Collectors (we collect other country's criminal garbage and provide safe haven for them)
Evil Doers

I know what you are saying Canuckev, but perception is everything. We just look so bush with two teams with two similar sounding names.

What about the Bootleggers, the name of the ol'EFL team that used to play here.

They were a pretty solid team from what I remember when I was a lil'kid. There mascot was the grim reaper.

Hmm, why not the Reapers? Sounds good and can use a stylised R logo on the helmet.