Name for new Stadium

This is for all the older Ti-Cat Fans, like myself:

After the new Stadium is built, I think we should name it after a Hamilton Icon.....Grandpa Schnitzel

We will call the New Stadium "SCHNITZEL HOUSE"

We can dump the old Ti-Cat Fight Song, only because we have NO Fight in us anymore.

Our New Song would go like this..... (Sing it)

Does our team have an "O"
No our team does not have an "O"

Does our team have a "D"
No our team does not have a "D"

Does our team have a "Coach"
No our team does not have a "Coach"

Does our team have a "GM"
No our team does not have a "GM"

Does our team have an "EX Argo For A VP"
Yes Sadly our team does have an "EX Argo For A VP"

Have no "O"
Have no "D"
Have no "Coach"
Have no "GM"
Have an "EX Argo For A VP"

"Inky Dinky, We Are Stinky, Inky Dinky Schnitzel House."

Ron Lancaster memorial stadium

That would be a nice gesture to an all-time great.

Never gonna happen, folks around here are all about the $$$$$$.

Excellent suggestion, but to try and rename a landmark is usually hard to do. If the politicians have anything to say it will have the word Hamilton, somewhere in the name. If it is to be renamed, I think it should be named after someone who has done a lot for the Cats over the years. Continuing to think on it.

I like the idea of honoring Ron Lancaster by naming a stadium after him, but as much as I appreciate his contribution to the Ticats organization, I think it would be more appropriate to name the stadium after him in Regina.

If I was a betting man, I'd bet on Primus Field at the New Ivor Wynne Stadium, or just Primus Field. They seem to be the primary sponsor of the Cats.

If you're looking for someone who has had a multi-faceted commitment and successful association with the team over the long term, Ron Lancaster would be really good, but I think the case could be made more strongly for any of Jake Gaudaur, Ralph Sazio or Joe Zuger. I'd love to see any of these individuals honoured in this way. But I agree, money talks, so I expect Primus or some other corporate name to be front and centre in the new name. I wonder if "Ivor Wynne" will be retained in some manner, the way it's Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field in Regina.

Since the stadium won't be done until 2014, I'm hoping RIM will be on better financial grounds and pay to name the stadium 'BlackBerry Field.

Real Canadian, eh?

How about " Stuck on Stupid Stadium" so we can all pay tribute to the x-mayor and all the hard working no surprise city council who made every effort to screw up the stadium deal. Once again the sound of one hand clapping.

ick....will always be Ivor Wynne to me.

My bet from the beginning has been Scotia bank stadium.

It definately won't be named after a person since the city has already agreed to take a portion of the naming rights. In Ottawa they are talking about $50 Million for the naming rights.
High tech companies like RIM have too many ups and downs, same with the steel companies, they may not be around for too much longer. I think it will probably be a bank or some financial institute, that's where the money is these days.
TD, CIBC, ING, Scotiabank etc

Or will we go the Sask. route and try to have TWO names. _____________ stadium at _____________ field.

Heck, we can rename all the streets around the stadium and have it named Primus Stadium at Lulu Field on Wiesen's Law Plaza at the corner of Rogers and Bet365 streets

LMAO :lol:

Let's support the environment and the spirit of the player reclamation projects that the Cats have take on over the last decade. Call it "The Hamilton Recycles- Blue Box". With a bit of paint it'll work.

I'm sure I read somewhere that the Caretaker paid 9 million for the naming rights.
If that's true then you know some big-name advertiser like Tim Horton's, Primus or Scotiabank will be more than happy to shell out more than that for the naming rights.

Don't get your hopes up, speculating that the name will have anything to do with the Ticats.

The preseent stadium was built for international games in the 1930's, and was known for years as "Civic Stadium"
I doubt very much that anything other than a very generic name will be attached to it,
Maybe a few years down the road, after the Ticats, or someone else, displays a proprietary interest, that might change. But, for now.......

The Caretaker paid for the naming rights?
from the City?

Was this an outright purchase or a lease term agreement?

"Tim Horton Stadium Ya Ya Ya" :lol:

If its up to Bob YOung, I would guess it would be MRX Stadium.