Name For New Stadium.

Regarding a name the new stadium by the PNE. Empire Place, is a good name for the stadium. This would connect the former Empire Stadium with BC Place. Any opinions on this subject for a new name for the new stadium. Personally, i hope the new stadium stays put-it's a fine looking stadium plus a good size at 27,000 seats which Metro Vancouver don't have. Concerts,sporting events, major events, ect., can be held at this stadium !.

I would think......that just out of respect, for the hallowed grounds that the games will be played on, Empire Stadium is the "ONLY" name, that should be used or considered for our Home Field.
When the Great Fire of the 1800's ripped through Vanoucver and Gastown and it was totally destroyed and still came back as gastown and Vancouver.
When the Great Fire happened in Chicago, back in the same time period....and it completely wiped out that also came back being known as it's former self.
So, in my opinion the same would hold true, for the New Stadium.
It was Empire Stadium, when it left us......and to will still be Empire Stadium, when she returns.
Any thing just total Disrespect to the Ground that it sits on, and to all the players that have played there in the past and will be playing there in the future.
For my $1,300.. it will always be "EMPIRE STADIUM"!

The field is called "Empire Field" (or "Fields"). The stadium will NOT be named Empire Stadium but a corporate sponsor for naming rights is being sought.

The stadium WILL NOT stay after BC place is done. The construction is not designed, built or approved for long-term use.

Thanks “Tips”. lol
We, being the Seasons Ticket holders, are fully aware, as to what “they” ( The Lions and White Caps ) are trying, to call the temporary facility.
And as far as that goes, you and anyone else, can call it, what ever you want.
But for us, it will always be Empire Stadium or if you wish, the “New” Empire Stadium.
Empire Fields or Fields??? LOL
It sounds like some kind of “Fruity” Soccer “Pitch”!

Empire Fields isn't a new name. It is what the area was named after the stadium was pulled down and sports fields were put in along with general green space.

I would call it Tempire Stadium :smiley:

LOL...That would be more appropriate, than referring to it, as some "Field"!
WTF, is up with that name?
I would once again think, that anyone who has ever been to an actual game, at the old Empire Stadium with their parents as Kids, or anyone who has ever played there themselves. for their Junior Teams or High School Teams would never ever want to call it anything else, than the "New" Empire Stadium.
Doing so, is nothing but pure Disrespect, for every one that has a real connection and a history to that Sacred Ground.
Yet....on the other hand, for any person who is totally ignorant to the History and Special significance of the place, I could see how they could easily call it what ever name, some other misguided person might just want to rename it.
Sports is all about History and Memories, and that is what the main attraction is, for all of us, who are coming back to relive our pasts at Empire Stadium, with our own Kids, Wives and Friends.
I have to say, that if it was not for the "New" Empire Stadium being with us, for one more season of being able to relive our pasts.......we would not have spent $1,300 on Seasons Tickets, to be sitting inside, at BC Place Stadium.
But....the ironic thing is, the BC Lions have us Hooked......"Again"! LOL
We are looking forward to keeping our Seasons Tickets for the 2011 season as well.
When they ripped down Comiskey Park...they call the new one... Comiskey Park!
When they ripped down Soldier Field..they called the new one..Soldier Field!
When they ripped down Yankee Stadium.....they called the new guessed it...."Yankee Stadium" ( In spite of it being in a New location!).
Because it is done out of Respect for the Game and the History that is connected to the teams and that Soil, that the games are played on.
We have lost our Traditional Holidays as we know them.
We no longer are able to wish others a Merry Christmas, due to our ever changing PCs of respect to others beliefs.
The days, of seeing our residential streets blocked with kids playing "Road Hockey", are things that are now lost, in our pasts.
So, by being able to go back in time, and revisit "Empire Stadium" ( For one more fleeting "Magical Time") with our own Sons and Daughters and Wives and something so very Unique and Special, that it should not be diminished or degraded by calling it, any thing else.. but...."Empire Stadium"!
Win or Lose.....the games played there, are only secondary, to what that place means to us "all", who know the True meaning of Family Traditions and the Historical Memories that we all have within us, when we just think of......"Empire Stadium".
You and others, can call it what ever you want.
But for will "Always" be ..."Empire Stadium"!

Hey Backer@Empire, I think you have terminal case of nostalgia. :wink:

One of the reasons for NOT calling it Empire Stadium is out of respect for the old place - applying it to a temporary structure is seen as lacking class.

Oh, and claiming that "Merry Christmas" is banned is an extreme exageration.

And one more thing, I personally watched the Lions and Whitecaps at old Empire. I was also at the very first sporting event at BC Place.

congrats on being old :stuck_out_tongue:

I say call it "Campbell Field", in lieu of our Premier's pending 'temporary' status as our leader.l

oh gaawwwd nooo :thdn:

Why not HST Field? I mean calling it Campbell Field must be designed at driving people away so calling it HST field’ll keept almost everybody away!

In reality, all politicians are "temporary". They are all voted out at some point or another. However, in terms of politicians careers it's kind of hard to say that almost 10 years and counting as Premier is "temporary". I know that kind of sounds contradictory, but there are very few Premiers and/or Prime Ministers that can say they were leader for over 10 years.

paycheck stadium. here today, gone tomorrow

I just can't relate to Empire "Fields". I start thinking of Strawberry Fields in New York named in memory of Lennon. I start thinking of Flanders Fields and then I see thousands of poppies and crosses and well...... you know the rest. lol I'm surprised someone hasn't suggested calling it The Killing Field. After all Montreal did slaughter us last season. Maybe we should call it The Grassy Knoll in keeping with the conspiracy theorists that the Lions were singled out by the refs last season. We could call it EmpireGate in keeping with Watergate, Bingogate, B.C.Railgate and all the other gates out there. Heck I'd even be happy to see it called Campbell's Soup Kitchen. Cause when Campbell and his henchmen get through with this province we'll need a place with 27,000 seating capacity to feed all of the unemployed.

I'll always think of where the original Empire Stadium was located as the "Old Empire Stadium Site." And I think most of you guys do just won't admit it. lol I'm not suggesting that it be named that by any means. But since the temp stadium is coming down after the conclusion of the 2010 season and possible part of the 2011 season who the heck cares what it's called?

If someone needs to call it Empire Stadium because in their mind it would be sacrilegious I'm okay with that. I only that guy doesn't kiss the ground every time he goes to a game. Personally I don't see giving it a new name should make one iota of a difference to anyone else. It certainly isn't being disrespectful. We're not talking about sacred ground here boyz. It's just a lousy piece of dirt with grass on it for goodness sake.

bite your tongue. every football field is sacred ground. 8)

It will be called Casey's Place after he gets rolling! :rockin: