Name all the NFL 1st Round picks in CFL

Looks like #2 pick Charles Rodgers may be playing in the CFL. Got me to thinking which other high NFL draft picks are in the league right now.
On the top of my head, there's:
Akili Smith (#3 pick)
John Avery

Robert Edwards.

J.D Soward and Rashaun Woods ex-Argos were first rounders.

Charles Rogers is NOT a shoo-in. He would still have to make the team, if he even gets the chance. There are no guarantees.

Ricky Williams was pretty much a flop, though he didn't play all that much because of his injuries.

Lawrence Phillips was an NFL first rounder

And Lawrence is a druggie and a premadonna

I think you mean primadonna. Either way, if you think about the process of being scouted by the NFL scouts you can see that out of close to 300 teams and over 50 players on each team that is like 15,000 players that are being scouted at once.

IT is easy to see how the scouting guys can get a few wrong or how some players just can’t elevate to pro football.

Some guys would work great in one offense but not at all in another offense. It is important to know that draft picks really don’t mean a whole lot until the pick begins to perform.

For instance, who is Jemarcus that he thinks he can refuse to play for Oakland? If I had a guy on my team like that I would try to make him suffer.

I would tell his agent that I will not sign him for big money unless he commits to the team. I would bench him after he refused to play anyways; third string. I would not even let him play until he was mentally past his ego thinking he is somehow better than everybody else on my team. I would let all the players know the details of the primadonna’s attitude.

Look at Eli Manning. He did the same thing, refusing to play for San Diego. IMO, the only reason he did that is so he would not have to get his @$$ kikced by his older brother.

1st rounders are overrated; look at Tom Brady. Didn’t he go in the 6th round?

Joe Montana didnt go til the 4th

Antonio Gates was undrafted

Donald Driver was was selected in the 7th round

Terrell Davis 6th Round pick

JaMarcus Russell is the epitome of a prima donna. He hasn’t played a down of pro ball, yet has let his agent have the arrogance to demand an outrageous signing bonus. Even if he did sign enthusiastically and embrace the Raiders, he would still hold a clip board for the first season at least. There is just no way he would even step on the field. This is what makes his demands so ridiculous. He clearly doesn’t want to play for the Raiders and will probably sit out the year and go back into the draft next year. I for one hope he ruins his career because of this. Only an arrogant and greedy fool would pull a stunt like this.

/end rant

Sorry for the off topic comment.

I agree.

Well yeah. Seems like a waste of time to scout all basketball players too.

To say JaMarcus Russell is being stupid or w.e I think is ignorant to a point. I mean, you cant disagree that football is the most dangerous sport of the main North American sports. So obviously, there is room for injury, potentially of the career ending variety.

Although I dont personally think its the best thing to do from a team standpoint, you cant really blame him for going after as much in guarantees as possible. I believe they have agreed on a figure in guaranteed money, but they differ on the meaning of the word "guarantee".

No you are wrong, the Billionaire owners are always right and the players are nothing more than spoiled brats.

Haven't you learned anything?

(I hope you can sense the sarcasm)

Please point out where anybody said he was "being stupid", and kindly explain what you mean by "or w.e I think is ignorant to a point."

The Raiders want some protection for their investment and who can blame them. They have the lowest revenue of any team in the league and they want forfeiture guarantees in case JM turns out to be a total bust or a Michael Vick. THAT's the issue.

Im pretty sure I explained myself pretty good as to why it was ignorant.