Name 1/2 time show performers last 20 yrs. & win a prize!


Here is a great Grey Cup trivia question for your parties:
Name the half-time performers for the last 20 years . Anyone brave enough to try????????? :oops: 8)


Without cheating, and no particular order.

Shania Twain
Black Eyed Peas
Lenny Kravitz

Maybe Burton Cummings,

Okay off to the Alzheimers ward. Thats all I remember without cheating. 25% ???

Oh yeah

Justin Beaver / Carley Rae Jessop

Bryan Adams

Will try to remember some of the the ones I saw live. some will be over 20 years.

Trooper, Avril lavigne, Guess Who, Tragically Hip, Luba, Bachman and Turner, Miss Molly, Shania Twain and I'm pretty sure I saw the Beatles but that was in the 70's so I won't count it. :cowboy: :lol:

Before anybody jumps on this, I really do know that the Beatles never played a Grey Cup 1/2 time show.

After a good nights sleep, I remember Nickleback and Theory of a Deadman (still don't know who they are.) Of course there is the all-time great halftime show, the Super Dogs.

The Nylons !!!

luba, 78 version of When a man loves a woman. My favorite version. :thup: