Nags at TwoColours GT, Fri June 23, 7:30 et, TSN

Calgary Stampeders at Ottawa RedBlacks
7:30 pm et/ 4:30 pm pt

Kickoff will happen shortly. The RBs will unveil their 2016 Grey Cup banner momentarily.

Oski Wee Wee,


This ought to be a great rematch of last year's Grey Cup!

Rod Black is on. My ears have had a good rest from hearing his utterances over the offseason. Let's see how long I can go before my eyes roll into my head. LOL

I assume that, unlike the panel, you didn't travel to Ottawa to watch this one in person!

Looks like the refs are off to another roaring start - whistled the play dead when all Spencer had down on the turf was one hand. :roll: My understanding is that one hand down doesn't constitute being down by contact. The knee came close but didn't look to me to touch the turf.

:lol: :lol: :lol: - At least there's no Duron Carter or Luke Tasker for him to gush about!

Although he does seem to be doing a pretty good job of chirping about Harris being the starter constantly! :roll:

His elbow touched the turf though, I think that is why he was ruled down.

Hi Tabbie! Nah, I am waching the game at home. Weather here is pretty yucked up, so creature comforts it is!

Thought I just saw the hand down but I certainly could be wrong! It sure wouldn't be the first time! :slight_smile:

Hi Russ

Yup muggy here too and there was a pretty good shower earlier. Creature comforts are the way to go! - :smiley:

Maher is good on the FG although I can honestly say his first punt was WAY less than impressive. Time for the horses to get rolling - sure not looking for an eastern team win tonight!

First Rod Black "ballhawks" reference of the year. Drink three.

Just posted a pic from my seat last night in the game thread. :slight_smile:

Another slow start for teams this week so far.

I think the horses are still recuperating from the effects of the flu bug that apparently has been going around the team recently.
Can RB stop reminding everyone that Harris is the starter - PLEASE??? :roll:

TD for Powell puts the 2 colours ahead by 11 - Harris lucky he recovered that ball quickly on the convert!

Nice design and execution re the TD pass to Powell! Two-point conversion is good, so it's 11-0 Ottawa.

Rod Black in ten minutes: "Last night, Duron Carter, son of Cris, reminded me as I saw the gleam of Aussie punter Josh Bartel's helmet in the distance, that Luke Tasker, son of Steve, was also a CFL starter like Trevor Harris. Is that a baseball bat in your hand, Duane?"

Not really too surprising since most starters played pretty sparingly in the PS games and are probably still shaking off some rust.
I'm wondering if the Ticats change in preparation schedule that has them intensifying practice as they get closer to game day (rather than the other way around) might help them get of to a faster start in games. They seemed to have trouble with slow starts last season.

McDaniels should have put some "stick 'em" on his gloves. He's having trouble reeling the ball in - that's 2

Lester Hayes' "Stickemania" now available by the vat!

As for Hamilton's slow starts in games, that must be corrected. I agree!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I would have replied to this earlier but my computer was going wonky and I had to restart.