Nags at TwoColours Game Thread, Sun Aug 24 3pm et

Sun, 24 Aug 2014
Calgary at Ottawa
3:00 PM et

Calgary will try to set the pace in this one. Not sure how Burris and co. will respond because they have looked anemic of late. Mitchell should light it up against the RedBlack defence.

Oski Wee Wee,


Cornish is back for the Stamps too.

OttRBs in their signature jerseys sans plaid lids which apparently are complicated enough that they couldn't get them ready for this game.
We have the red/whites vs the red/black/plaids today. :lol:

And the first big play of the game is a tipped ball by the OttRBs caught by Williams and returned for a TD to put the plaid guys on the board first. Guess if the offense can't score, the defense will! 7-0

On 3rd and short from about the 7 yds line, Tate runs it in for the TD. Under 3 minutes to play in the first quarter. Tied 7-7 and OttRBs pinned deep in their own end will have to kick it away after a 2 and out. Nags at mid field but come away with just a single point off a Paredes missed FG.

What happened to Ottawa's plaid helmets?

Pass from Burris to Paden that looked like it might have touched the turf (on replay) but Huff doesn't challenge and it keeps the OttRBs drive alive - at lease until Bolden sacks Hank for a 17 yd loss on 2nd down!Looks like the back judge was just taken out - 2nd official this week! Seems to be OK but surprised Proulx isn't tossing out a penalty for that hit! :lol:

Apparently not ready for this game due to the complicated design.

Don't think the Stamps are looking as sharp against the OttRBs as they did vs the Ticats - just our luck! Arthur missed a very catchable ball and on 2nd down Mitchel throws to an empty spot on the field :?

Half time - Nags 8, plaid guys 7. Not the worst game that I've seen. Lots of defense but enough offense to keep it interesting instead of constant 2 and outs.

OttRBs with the ball to start the 2nd half. Chevy with the direct snap makes a nice run to pick up the FD. They are getting a bit of a drive going here. We'll see if it amounts to any points on the board.

OK if the plaid helmets weren't ready - don't wear the plaid rest of stuff - no? Does this mean they are going to wear these again when the 'complicated' plaid helmets are done? Or will they wear the plain helmets with the regular version of the rest of their uniform. lol

Mitchell just tossed a 58 yd bomb to West to move them VERY quickly out of their end and well into the OttRBs . 3rd and short and they are within 10 yds of the end zone. That's how they got the first TD. Time to go for it again!

Whoa OttRB's De strips Tate of the ball as he tries to get the FD! Turn over on downs for the Nags. And that would be their 2nd turn over of the game! :oops:

Ottawa's offense seems to be getting their act together and Hank is closing in on surpassing Danny Mac in passing yds. Wonder if Hank's pick to the Stamps D counts? :lol: Only his third intercetion of the season - I'm sure he threw more than that early on last year! :roll:

Boy I do not miss Burris with his propensity for throwing picks at THE WORST times possible, always... :lol:

11-7 nags after the 32 yard peredes

Well McDaniel just dropped a catchable ball - guess we know why we didn't keep him :oops: Close enough for a Paredes FG to add three to the score for the Nags. First scoring since early in the second (or late in the first qrtr?) and we are almost through the 3rd. 11-7 Nags :slight_smile:

Hank now just four yds short of McManus for all time passing yds. Andon the plast play of the 3rd frame a nice 10+ yd toss moves him into third place pass Danny Mac.

Burris just passed MCManus, Dan for third place in all time passing yards in CFL history congrats :thup:

Both teams have often started deep in their own zones but Mitchell just tossed another bomb (51 yds) to West to move them up to mid field. :rockin:

Last season's "never-miss" Paredes seems to be AWOL this season - just missed another FG - albeit a long one - and it was run out so no score. :oops: Sound familiar?