Nags at Sweetness and Light GT, Sat Aug 16, 2:30 pm et

Sat August 16
Calgary at Hamilton
2:30pm et/11:30am pt

For the Cats to pull even with Toronto come Labour Day, the first domino that has to fall is a win over the Stamps at Ron Joyce Stadium on Saturday. In that respect, the drive to establish winning momentum for a playoff run must start with a win. It is Dan LeFevour's opportunity to keep that Dan vs. Zach QB starter's debate at least warm if not hotter. For me, this is the chance for CJ Gable to take centre stage and not simply be a good pass blocker ad nauseum. I believe the defence will be stout and the Cats can win to set the tone for Labour Day!

Time will tell as no John Hufnagel-coached team ever just rolls over.

Oski Wee Wee,


But, as you’ve probably seen by now, Gable is still on the IL. So for this game at least, our running game will be dependent on LeFevour and Madu. OK, sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face type that either. Running game? Three attempts total last week aside from LeFevour’s running, for a total of -3 yards. One by each running back and one by Banks on the sweep.

Without having to respect the run, expect Calgary’s d-line to be pinning their ears back and going straight after LeFevour, with a linebacker, or maybe just one of the DEs, watching for him to run late on the designed draw or the panicked scramble.

yah, its a really TALL order for the tabbies to pull out a win tomorrow.

can we just establish momentum vs the Arblos instead?

Oops! My bad on Gable's status.

Nonetheless, I agree that it is crucial we get more balance in our attack. Charleston Hughes is a beast enough without letting him rush the QB on autopilot.

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Let's go Sweetness and Light.!!!!!

Whoever they are. I kid I kid.

A close windy and wet game.

Might just have caught a break.

Let's do this!!!!!

Go Cats Go!!!

Hi folks! Oski Wee Wee!


How many sacks for Hamilton and Calgary this afternoon?

I Say its 3-5 for Calgary..

I'll up you by one both teams. 4 for the Cats, 6 for the Stamps.

Thanks for starting the game day thread

LOL. The girthness.

That was an awkward segment from tsn

It's game time. Wooohoooo
Please no Rod Black.

Nope Suitor and I believe Cuthbert. :slight_smile:

Excellent. :thup:

Madu's first start SINCE HIGH SCHOOL? Wow!

Need a big game from magic Madu today..


Way to the run. First play... Pass (or attempt lol)

Well that should count as one sack for Calgary - on the first play. lol