Nags at Shipwrecks Game Thread (July 14, 7 p.m. ET, TSN)

Stampeders at Argonauts (TSN)
Today at 7pm et/4pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

Will Calgary sweep their East road swing against Toronto, or will the proverbial one-armed bandit come up Lemons for T.O.?

We shall see.'s game preview is at .

Hope to see you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


I thought that Cleo Lemon looked pretty damn good last week. The Argos might surprise. I think my bets are on them tonight.

Indeed, Slo! :smiley:

Calgary playing on a very short week and lucky to escape from Hamilton with a win. I can see the Argos winning this one.

Toronto looks good - have you seen their special teams coach - Mike O'shea, he's looking like a genius. He was one of my favourite players.

Are we pulling for the Nauts again. :oops: :oops:

Need I remind you guys it's in the Cats best interest for other east teams to lose.

I'd never pull for them -- but, I think they look a lot better than what people are given them credit for.
Man I hate that Mike O'Shea.

Finally we are returning to sanity. :roll: :oops:

I am hoping Smiling Hank and His boys will win this one.

I hoping Hank is Smiling with Clock Strikes 00:00

Havent you heard "Nobody Blows like the Argo's"
Any team can win 1 or 2 games a year!!
Nags 31 Shipwrecks 17 Final

But I didn't say I want the Argos to win. I'm saying that Calgary looks beatable. Besides I don't think its good for the Cats to hope that other teams in the East lose, I don't want to see them "back" into the playoffs I want to see them win and earn a playoff birth.

I don't care how we get in to the Dance and Want to be last One Standing at the end of the Dance

I gotta hope that the Nags hand them their heads. If not, TO has got to be ranked above us, and be insufferably cocky.

As has been said, any of our Eastern compeitors being beaten by a West opponent is helping our club, and that remains the bottom line...

I caught myself yelling at the TV Defence Defence DE DE DE! It worked. LOL :rockin: :rockin:

Hope MB is watching this...the game, so far, is showing weak points on both teams

This game is putting me to sleep :frowning:

It is so sloppy

I’m an Argo fan, and I’m sleepy:)

Calgary just seems to want to give this game to the blew team!

Lemon Throws up a Lemon