Nags at Pies Game Thread, Thu Jul 24, 8:30 pm et

Thu July 24
Calgary at Edmonton
8:30 pm et/ 5:30 pm pt

The Battle of Alberta renews tonight. Ought to be a slobberknocker!

Oski Wee Wee,


Can’t argue with that. I think it will be another defensive game and it is already started put that way. Hoping for a Stamps win but we’ll see/

Calgary D scores the 1st major of the game!

Don't mean to quibble, but it's the Calgary ST that gets the TD

Well the “Pies” have now evened the score and stopped the red and white offense again. And now Fred Stamps has a big play and his first TD of the season - maybe - flag on the play. Penalties on both teams - no TD.

Don’t read what I say…read what I mean :lol:

Horrible call on 1st and 30!!!!

Nice little interception there by Bennett for the Stamps but they can't capitalize on it

oopsI spoke too soon. :oops: Parades with the FG to put the horses ahead by 3. :thup:

Former Marauder D'Aguilar with a nice tackle on the Esks returner :thup:

Looks like Jones “fake punt” gamble didn’t pay off :oops: Stamps with the TD :slight_smile: :thup:

Absolute horrible call by Edm to fake the punt there, bit them right in the ass deservedly!

Seems that tight collar on Jones' shirt is cutting off the blood flow to his brain. Why risk the fake punt in your own end zone with 20 seconds left? Truly baffling!

Seems a little ironic that Edmonton with the best take away numbers has turned the ball over FOUR times I think! :oops:

Well the botched fake punt is giving the TSN panel lots to talk about ! :smiley:

half a yard more and we’d all be praising it as brilliant call.

I'm betting the GM had a little talk with Chrissy over the half...getting a little too big for his britches now that he's unbeaten...I could see doing that if they were punting into the wind, but there was a good strong wind at their back, and if they cover the punt, they probably don't give anything up.

Thought that this game would be a sell-out but looks like there are a good number of empty seats in the stands. Then again it is a Thursday night which could have an impact.

Looks like a real flag fest now early in the fourth - falling almost as fast as the rain. :smiley: Fuller with another great catch . Stamps putting a good drive together but settle for a FG.

40,066 on a Thursday night with rain is pretty good!