Nags at Mosquito Excitement Game Thread, Sat Oct 18, 7 pm et

Saturday, October 18, 2014
7:00 PM ET
Calgary at Winnipeg

The Stampeders should roll in this one. The Bombers have let Drew Willy get bulldozered this year and whatever early season momentum they had has gone way of the dodo.

Oski Wee Wee,


14-0 Calgary, first quarter. Brian Brohm is the starting QB for Peg, replacing the injured Drew Willy.

Brohm is looking pretty good so far for the Bummers and has managed to drive them down the field enough for Hajrullahu to kick a couple of FGs - not that FGs are any match for the TDs the Stamps have scored so far.!

Mitchell sacked and Peach is down but able to walk off on his own.

Bummers are now dropping like flies - first Peach and then Washington.

That was one heckuva play.

And then they turn it over.

After a huge trick play that got the Bombers inside the Calgary 10, they have a Brohm fumble. Stamps ball.

Yup that was a VERY impressive toss by Brohm and just as good a catch with the DB fighting for it too. Too bad they gave it back right away.

Injured Stampeder OL player down :frowning: - Craighead maybe? #58 I believe.

Ah but Bo Levi gave it right back :lol: Must be feeling generous!

Well at least the Bummers are managing to stay in the game and are keeping it from being a blowout - so far. Now Kohlert is down but seems Washington is back in. Just over 1 minute to half time.

Mitchell picked off again but with 15 seconds left the bummers don’t have much time to move the ball and with Brohm scrambling end up with just 1 second after two plays

16-6 at the half for the Nags of course.

O'Shea challenging that they should not have called DPI on his player - worked for Higgins but unfortunately not for him. Nags punch it in from the 1 yd line for the TD and a 23-7 lead

Calgary has not been dominant tonight, but they are doing enough to coast a bit. Brian Brohm apparently has a hand injury.

Calgary brings out a missed FG to its 25 yard line or so.

Calgary called for DPI AND RTP in one play and Brohm has to go out with an injured thumb on the play bringing Marve on to the field - at least temporarily. Bit of a ift in FP but can the bummers get more than a FG out of it? Brohm off to the locker room.

Marve is getting the job done and energizing the Peggers with his scrambles and tossing. Managing to drive the team down the field and they poised to score again! Cotton with his second TD of the night and the Bummers are within 3. 26-23 Nags

Bummers seem to have finally found some run defense - Cornish not getting away with too many yards.

Just got off the elliptical... hufff...pufff....

Rooting for Marve and the Bombers. Can't stand the Bombers but want Calgary to fall a bit. Too bad.

Calgary over Winnipeg 33-23, final. Not the most definitive statement ever by the Stamps, but they got it donw. Winnipeg can only hope for a crossover berth now. Hard to see them doing that.

Well the bummers played with more intensity and spirit than I’ve seen for a while and certainly managed to keep the Nags on their toes in spite of having to go to their #3. I thought Brohm looked ok but Marve really added a spark and appears to be a fierce competitor. Boy was he cheesed when he got sacked on 2nd down and had to punt the ball away. Made for an entertaining game. I usually root for the Nags but couldn’t help cheering on the Bummers at least a bit tonight.