Nags at Mosquito Excitement Game, July 27, 8 pm et

Hi folks... kickoff is imminent.

Just got it on after finally getting a miserable cat out of a tree.....aaaarrrrggggghhhh. Parades just booted for the field goal record but can anyone tell me what happened before this? Also got back from vacation yesterday. Where is Glenn?

Hi Mark… Glenn is out with an injury. As for Parades, he has set a new record despite one FG attempt being blocked last week since the ball didn’t cross the LOS, thereby officially being a fumble.

17-14 Calgary at the half.

Thanks Russ. Go Calgary (gulp!).

I watched last week's Cat game on the PVR on 4 hrs. sleep in 48 after getting home from Alaska. Maybe you can tell me what happened in that game as well. I'm hoping that what I saw on my TV was just my sleep deprived delirium.

Update: Calgary 24-14, third quarter. The Bombers are in reverse...

27-14 Calgary leading after three quarters.

Bo Levi Mitchell and Co. and finish Winnipeg off, 37-24. Staggerville indeed!

And Creehan’s (or rather Burke’s defense) was looking mighty porous against the run and the pass.

For B.L. Mitchell quite an impressive first CFL start -- 29 of 33 for 376. He may have earned himself a one-way ticket to the Nation's Capital for Christmas.

8) Amazing how Bo Levi Mitchell can play in his first CFL start and look so good !!
   Basically Calgary has 2 starting QB'S in Tate and Glenn, and actually a very competent backup QB in Mitchell.

    I would hate to think what would happen to the TiCats if Burris goes down with an injury !!  

     Just not too confident in any of our back ups here,  at this point in time.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I think the odds are more on Glenn going to the capital, the Stamps would be crazy to let Mitchell go. Maybe even Tate could get the boot to Ottawa. Mitchell looks like hes headed for #1. Should be interesting to watch.

Even though Mitchell looked poised and very impressive last night, let’s keep in mind that it’s only one game. Tate on the other hand, is evolving into the Buck Pierce of Calgary. He seems to visit the medical room almost as much as his own huddle.

With two former quarterbacks on the coaching staff, they could likely turn even me into a star quarterback. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating. But Mitchell seems to be the sturdier of the two.

Glenn is a tough call. He is winning for them, but he is getting up there.

It’s a difficult, but good problem for Hugnagel to have!!

or that Calgary has a splendid starting QB in Mitchell and two very competent backups in Glenn and Tate. :slight_smile:

BLM deserves additional starts after such a breakout performance.

Both Hufnagal and Dave Dickenson are really high on B.L. Mitchell and will not let him go.
IMHO "Buck" Tate will be the odd man out exposed to Ottawa
I could see Desjardins with his Al's background wanting Adrian McPherson on the Red Blacks