Nags at Leos Game Thread, Sat. Aug. 17, 9 pm et

Nik Lewis is out with a bad leg injury...broken leg.

LEWIS taken off on the cart and obviously in a LOT of pain Stamps will miss his playmaking ability! :?

Looks like a broken leg by the way the trainer was stabilizing it. Either that, or a severe dislocation. That's two great players injured today (Bagg).

Final play of the half and Lulay is picked off saving a sure TD

Definitely a tough day on the injury front!

I see other teams are now experiencing the injury bug the Tabbies have endured since game 1

And the good news for the Tabbies is that they are on the mend and NO one was injured in last night’s game. Hoping the worst is behind us for injuries! :thup:

OK, WTF is a “long” yard… hey dumbass… a yard is a yard… there is no SHORT or long yard!

True dat yo…

This bodes well for the back half of the season for Hamilton… they are getting player back while other teams are losing them!

Glenn's receivers are letting him down


I love your signature! So funny! :slight_smile:

Thanks… :lol:

Cornish just ripped off a good run only to be driven back in the next play Stamps are having their problems on offense!

GREAT fake punt by the Stamps!

Glenn is in his 12th or 13th season now, and he still can’t manage the clock worth a damn. Shameful.

Offence looked really dazed and confused the 2nd half. Couldn't wake up on the last drive to score and win the game (as bad as the Riders/Als game was, at least the Riders were able to do that).