Nags at Leos Game Thread (Oct. 31, 9:30 pm ET, TSN)

Jiri Crha blindfolded would have been a better shootout goalie than Toskala. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Stamps have the ball.

Nice toss Burris…lol

A BC win takes the Lions out of the crossover scenario!

And then there's Casey.

Wow, Arecenaux go wide open as he ran past Anderson, then Anderson pulled Arcenaux's helmet off.


Harris did not break the plane there!!

After BC FG, good to see Stamps get some FDs finally.

Sigh... Printers looks good. .amazing what happens with an Oline and a couple receivers!!

WOW.. just for eluding 3 sacks.. Printers... player of the game!!

So true. But at least 3rd down forced now.


Casey's game is creating after the play breaks down. If the personnel enhances that, look out.

TD Stamps.

It's about time Burris throws some completions.

TD Stamps

10-7 Leos with the imminent convert.


Am just getting on board here, and many posts on Habs vs Leafs.

Do you realise that Hamilton narrowly failed to get an NHL club?

And yet, even without one, we are less than 1.5 games behind the Leafs in the standings, with over ten games played?

Whenever I see Bart's hair I think of those Claymation characters. Or the scalp paint from the old informercials (forget the name now)

There's that Bryant. Bomber fans said... has no talent.. |i guess as long as you wear the blue and gold you can do no wrong.. .but god forbid you be traded!!

Wow. Burris has suddenly looked like an all-star again.

14-10 Stamps after TD pass to Lewis. I admit I LOL'd after seeing him "forget how to celebrate" TD.

Winnipeg fan personnel evaluations brought to you by

Wow. Grice-Mullen returns it near red zone.

Too bad we never get returns like those.