Nags at Leos Game Thread, Fri Aug 1, 10 pm et

Fri August 1
B.C. at Calgary
10pm et/7pm pt

The second game of the CFL on TSN Friday night doubleheader should be a good tangle. I think the Lions are in tough because Bo Levi Mitchell and company are playing excellent football even without Jon Cornish. Kevin Glenn has been erratic and the Lions have been burnable on the deep ball on D. We shall see how this unfolds!

Oski Wee Wee,


I am sure this game will make up for that abomination of a game in Montreal.

It surely can't be any worse. :oops: :roll:

Yell with the pick-six -- 7-0 BC

Aside from that pick, the Stamps seem to have their offense moving better than it has been the past couple of games which were both ugly wins.

McDaniel with the tying TD 7 -7

We’ve seen more energy in one quarter of this game than in the whole Als/Argos game. Stamps D is amping it up but BC is putting a drive together.

McCallum with the FG a 46 yarder I believe and the Leos are up 10-7

Glenn throws pick # 9? 10? of the year and Raymond runs it back for the TD 14-10

Keon Raymond responds with a pick-six! 14-10 Stamps now.

Mallett just ripped off a 56 yd run :rockin:

A couple of plays later Tate punches it in for the major. 21-10 Nags

21-10 Calgary at the half.

First score of the third quarter with just over three minutes remaining is a McCallum FG. 21-13 Calgary.

On a side note - Mallett for the Stamps is looking good and playing well. Wonder if he would have been as good last year for the Ticats had they kept him or if the extra year has helped him to be more fully recovered?

21-19 Calgary now after BC's Harris TD reception from Glenn -- the two-point conversion failed.

BC runs down the field - literally and Harris runs it in for the TD but misses the 2 pointer. Now down by 2. They have provided the only scoring since half time. 21-19 Calgary.

Stamps stopped short on their drive but Parades kicks in a 35 yarder to increase the lead to 5. 24-19 Calgary

A HUGE Harris run is called back by a hold -- reduced to 15 yards from 70 or so.

BC takes the lead..but cannot get the 2 again...25-24 BC after the Jackson bomb reception for the TD from Glenn.

BC with another successful drive down the field and TD to take a 1 point lead after they again miss the 2 pointer. Under 2 minutes for the Stamps to come back and get in FG range. 25-24 BC

Huge fumble by Anthony Parker, BC has the ball and can ice it. Wow!

Parker fumbles the ball on the Calgary drive with BC recovering but get the ball back with 4 seconds remaining but to no avail. Lions outmaneuver the Stamps to win 25-24.