Nags at Leos Game Thread (August 27, 10:30 pm ET, TSN)

Stampeders at Lions
Today at 10:30pm et/7:30pm pt
Also available on TSN HD and's game preview is at .

Will the Stamps continue to roll or will Casey and the Lions find something -- anything -- to start digging out from a brutal start to the season?

We shall see -- see you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Thanks for the game thread Russ, but um...this is a stadium controversy chatroom.

I could complain about the scheduling, putting a Western bye week Friday night game in BC, but what's the point?

The first quarter will determine the outcome of this game. It will depend on how Printers comes out of the gate. I'm cheering for an Eastern cross-over this year so go Nags go!

Much as it still benefits the Esks to have BC stay at one win, I want the Lions open up a big old-fashioned can of whoop ass on the Stamps, after the pounding Burris and co. gave us 2 weeks ago.

Will Mace be suiting up for the Stamps tonight?

Mace signed with the Stamps today (early Friday afternoon), so the practical answer is no. He is not listed either on the Stampeder website on the active roster or the depth chart at the time of this post.

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Oski Wee Wee,


I thought he signed a few days ago, but i guess he had only "agreed to terms" and didn't actually sign until today.

TSN's coverage is imminent. :wink:

Game is on! :wink:

Maver's long FG attempt is short and the BC returner Davis FUMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS -- Stamps recover deep in BC's end!

Calgary is on the board

Howdy Russ.... how are things NOT stadium related?

Burris with the 9-yard scramble for the TD -- 7-0 Calgary with the imminent convent.


Well, they may keep part of the seating of Empire Field up after this year, so there goes the stadium-om-wheels theory unless $$$ talks LOL

Other than that, it’s football!

Good field position for B.C.

Big catch by Arceneaux!!

Lions are going to answer back

Uh Oh.. Wally's already talking to himself!!!!

Im not so sure that IS a TD

I think the ball crossed the plain before ball came out

Not enough to over rule the call IMO

Tie game