Nags at Larks Game Thread, Thurs. July 12, 7 pm, TSN

Stampeders at Alouettes
Thursday, July 12
7 p.m. et / 10 p.m. pt

Kevin Glenn will be at the controls as Calgary faces Montreal at Molson Stadium tonight. Anthony Calvillo will be nursing a sore non-throwing shoulder. Hope to see some of you here during the gamecast tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,


The ALS will take this one. They are hard to beat at home. Should put them solid in first place in the East.

TSN’s pregame coverage is on now. I will likely switch to RDS HD to follow the game action.

Calvillo looks to be a bit beaten up, he's had one play.
Glenn just looks bad.

10-3 Als, early in the 2nd quarter.

Glenn is cold and AC is making enough plays despite being pretty banged up on his left shoulder.

A one arm AC is better than a two arm KG!!!

For all the productivity that Kevin Glenn has had, Calgary would do as well to have former astronaut John Glenn at quarterback.

Or Glenn Close.


At least John Glenn landed on the moon, Kevin Glenn landed in Hamilton.

All Calgary’s points have been freebies from Montreal, 2 safeties and single. Kevin Glenn probably wishes he was on the moon now

I wonder if he's going to feel disrespected when he gets pulled for Bo Levi Mitchell?

I don't like Calvillo. You can say a lot of good things about him and all his accomplishments but I've never forgiven him from the fiasco when he was in Hamilton.

Well, John Glenn never landed on the moon -- to be clear. He was the first American to orbit the earth (Friendship 7, 1962) and later flew in the space shuttle (1998 mission on shuttle Discovery). Evidently the exploits of John Glenn and Glenn Close are more interesting to discuss than Calgary's offense in the first half. LOL

And he's never forgiven you guys either.

I stand corrected about John Glenn landing on the moon.
Maybe I'll go listen to some Glen Miller

13-8 Als as the second half begins.

Ahhhhhhh. the chains of employment are temporarily unshackled!

A search for famous Glenn's found this guy

Glenn Davis
Glenn Woodward Davis won the 1946 Heisman Trophy as a halfback at Army, setting single season records for average yards per carry, 11.5 in 1945

I would take this guy over Kevin Glenn unfortunately he died 7 years ago

Good evening, Michael Bishop!

:D :D :D

lol Evenin Russ