Nags at Larks Game Thread, Sun Sept 21, 1 pm et

Sun September 21
Calgary at Montreal

On paper, this game should be a road grading session for Calgary as they set the pace for the entire league. However, they have to get off to a better start than they did with Toronto last week because the Alouette defence is far tougher to crack. It will be intersting to see how Drew Tate responds to being in the saddle again in lieu of Bo Levi Mitchell, who is out with a couple of leg injuries. Jon Cornish will also apparently sit, so the Stamps will have to rely on their passing game to set the tone. It should be interesting to watch!

Oski Wee Wee,


The Calgary decision to sit Jon Cornish this week can be found at .

Oski Wee Wee,



GO NAGS!!!!!!

Much as it would be nice to see the east continue to beat up on the west this week, would rather see the Nags take this one and I think they can even without Cornish.

Maybe Hank the the two-colours can take the green down a peg! :lol:

no corndog or snow levi Mitchell in the lineup, Lets go Nags! Please don't flop today! :thup:

Both teams look sloppy out of the gate :roll:

0-0 after 1Q,

teams combined for 7 punts in the 1st Q

Hi folks!

Sloppy game indeed so far!

Tanner marsh QB sneak from the 1 to open up the scoring,

7-0 larks after the Whyte

The rain is sarting to fall :thdn: This could go from sloppy to worse :lol:

Neither are playing? Injured or are they thinking they have everything wrapped up?

Sean whyte punt single,

8-0 larks

I wonder if Crompton drove his Trans-Am to the game today. 8)

Both injured - Cornish needs some time to heal nagging injuries. Bo Levi injured (not seriously) in last week’s game. :frowning:

Not sure how they’re injured but most media outlets out west already have Corndog as MOP and Stumps as 2014 Grey Cup Champions, not sure why we’re playing any more games now! :roll:

Drew and his receivers need to get on the same page!!! Too many missed passes for the Nags! :oops:

Just wondering with his penchant for being injured, who goes in if Tate goes down??

Mavis puts the nags on the board with a punt single,

8-1 larks

20 mins into the game and 9 punts between the two teams :thup:

Surprise surprise - Proulx is the ref for this game. Wonder if that guarantees a win for the larks?? :roll:

James Rogers in for the score,

15-1 larks after the Whyte

Doesn't look like the nags will give us to many favours this week :thdn: