Nags at Larks Game Thread (Oct. 11, 12:30 pm et, TSN)

Tear jearker. LOL!

Great to see his family out there on this Thansgiving Monday.

It must be boring to be an Als fan: knowing before training camp starts that as long as AC still plays, you got first place wrapped up. It will get more interesting when AC finally retires, I guess.

Well, don’t we wish we had that boredom? LMAO :wink:

The standards are high and the results have spoken for themselves. The only issue is whether the Als could have won the Cup much more given all the chances the franchise has had. It is a far better “predicament” to be in as a team than being mired in mediocrity or worse, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


46-19 Als final.

I'll keep cheering for the underdogs and the struggling teams, anyway: that is where the true challenge lies.

It's not boring at all. For one thing, first place is not guaranteed (see 2007). For another, given the level of regular-season success the Als have had, winning the division is secondary to winning it all. There's nothing boring about your team losing Grey Cup games just about every possible way.

We Als fans are just like fans of other teams. We have expectations and hopes for our club and those expectations aren't always met. If and when the Cats are consistently strong enough to be a favorite for first place in the East, you'll feel the same way about your team as I do about mine right now. :slight_smile: