Nags at Larks Game Thread, Fri. July 12, 7:30 pm

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Anytime..... NEXT patient!!

The Als better wake the ef up if they have any hope of winning this game.....

I think we have our answer......

Montreal IS that bad... so that means the Bummers AREN'T that good... I'm strangely comfortable with this evaluation!


What a catch!!

Been watching while using my computer for other things. I'm kinda enjoying this one. The Als look slower to me, somehow, this year. The offense is definitely more tentative.

Wow.... blocked punt. Could be an interesting ending! Calgary's offensive line schemes look as bad as Montreal's look as bad as ours look as bad as......

Als D not quitting... back to back sacks after the Calvillo fumble.. Calgary punts, Als block...TD ALS!!!!!!!!

Montreal has 2 facets of this game stepping up... will the 3rd fall in line???

3:00 minute warning.. only time will tell!

Calgary finally moving again. The run is taking the pressure off.

Als obviously do not want to win this game… UR call

Hail Mary pass a'comin?

This is the game here... 3rd and 10

Okay... they did that on 2nd. 3rd down and game ends with a whimper. So far the weekend is going Hamilton's way.

Yup.. the East is wide open this year...... The Als domination is OVER!!

Who does Calvillo throw under the bus this week ?

Not Bruce, he played lights out.. I'd say London

Himself. Just waiting for another big hissy fit just like he threw at IWS with Sudsy. Funny thing, the only two guys that played well are x-Tiger Cats, Herbert and AB3rd