Nags at Larks Game Thread, Fri. July 12, 7:30 pm

Hi folks,

Kickoff is coming up...we shall see if the Als can rebound against the Tate-less Stamps....

Oski Wee Wee,


I think the Als take this one.... close..



Stamps start 2 and out...

Interesting to see how the Als O-Line will react this week

Interesting formation, Whittaker takes the snap and gets the 3rd and 1 FD

Didn't Glenn retire after last season? Glad to see him back!

I hope the Stamps stomp the dirty birds.

TD London

Als strike first!

Chirp....Chirp - I agree HalfTheD.... :cowboy:

This is certainly a different Als team tonight… Stamps out being put out of sync

Uhmm, this game has slowed to a snails pace... :?

Horrible call on Tisdale!!

Glen's going to look good in a redblack uni

Boy did the Stamps ever catch a break there… TD Lewis on the jump ball… Stamps lead - 13-7

AC picked to end the half....

13-7 Stamps at the whistle

Well, the Als are less flat than last week's effort...but not consistent. This half is going to tell a lot about where theiir O is headed. As for Glenn and co., they are doing enough to squeak one out on the road.

Agreed Russ

WOW what a catch by Sinopoli

Looks as though Flory has been estranged from his shoulder

Thank you Dr.Axl Rose, orthopedic surgeon. LOL