Nags at LaPolice State Game Thread, Thu July 14, 7:30, TSN

Stampeders at Bombers (TSN)
Thursday at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt
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We shall see if the Spies can continue their winning ways against a Calgary team wanting to keep pace with Edmonton atop the West.

Oski Wee Wee,


Lets go Stamps !!


TSN's coverage is on now.

Glad they got Soupus Back on the O-line to shut Brown down

I hope the Stamps throttle the bummers....

does anyone else hate Calgary's black helmets as much as I do, they just look plain dumb

I like the simple older W bomber logo much better. Glad to see them wearing these. Always found the modern lightning bolt logo a bit tacky.

I love these Bomber jerseys, retro CFL jerseys just seem to be plain better than the new reebok ones

Oh boy it's gonna be a PITA to watch this thread tonight with the posts dropping wherever they feel like

Not a fan. Too many teams in pro sports that never really used black before are starting to.

Calgary had a black 3rd jersey in the 90's also. I don't mind the black pants with the white jersey and red helmet though.


Suber looked knocked out there

Well the first series by the Stamps was uneventful

This is where the '2-0 contenders' tend to be annointed a wee bit prematurely...their QB depth is their Achilles heel, so a few key injuries and they will be back where they were last year. Let us see where they are faring come the end of August...

BIG sack!!!!

It's a bit painful seeing Tisdale in a Stamp uni. We sure could use him right now.

Burris is looking like Glenn the 1st 2 series

WOW no PI flag??????

Peg got screwed over by the zebras on the punt return