Nags at LaPolice State Game Thread (Nov.5, 8 pm et, TSN)

Well, I think Elliott has passed Brink on the depth chart…

That shouldn't be to hard to accomplish!


22-16 Calgary at the half.

First Half Observations:

  • Drew Tate looks good. Good enough that if the Stamps win the GC I'd consider trading Hank (if I were their GM that is)
  • Elliot has indeed passed Brink on the depth chart but so has Buzz
  • bummers are the opposite of the blue team in terms of luck this season
  • why do they keep parking motorized vehicles in the end zone?
  • Sarah Orlesky is the perfect combination of girl next door cuteness and hot sideline reporter, but those white mittens should be replaced by leather gloves. Don't get me started about Sorels.

Agreed on all counts... especially your last

Give us a break. This is really our first exhibition game of 2011.

Red zone issues continue to haunt the Bummers

22-22, we're (fit to be) tied!

Well Calgary has let the Bummers tie it..... should have known

Like to see Jesse get in

I was wondering why he wasn't lugging the rock,, be nice to see what he has again!

TD Stamps.... nice toss.. Tate looks real good..... and he's gonna be a UFA after this year too... hmmmmmm

Ah yes, the annual boat show at the Winnipeg finale... LOL

snowmobile celebration draws a flag...not as good as our's last year. No need for that in this game.

lol Lapo is really pissed at TJH for that cannon trick.. wow.....

the night of failed TD

should of had lumsden in....owe man, he is hurt.

Ooooops Cornish coughs up the ball on the kick return.... Bummers ball

WOW. Cornish looks to be done.... doubt we see him for anyof the playoffs from the looks of that shoulder!!

LOL.. WOW.. Lumsden is down too... surprise surprise!

Dammit...Jesse has NO luck