Nags at Gang Green Game Thread, Fri Oct 3, 10 pm et

Friday, October 3, 2014
10:00 PM ET
Calgary at Saskatchewan

Seth Doege gets his first CFL start as Rider QB against the Stamps. Will it help the struggling Riders? Unless Saskatchewan can effectively run against Calgary, I think this is going to be a blowout! Calgary in a walk.

Oski Wee Wee,


Pumped about this game!!!

Hope Chick and Foley stuff the 2014 MOP (Corndoggy) and the western media proclaimed 2014 GC Champs hard tonight! :thup:

Boudreaux starting for the green team,

Significant fire with scoreboard.

My buddy texted me at 2 pm today saying he had 2 extra tickets to the game tonight for my Fiancee and I but I had to work :roll:

Can't wait to catch a game @ Taylor Field sometime!

That wasn't caused by overuse by the Riders because of goose eggs... LOL

That was the Riders Grey Cup hopes there!

the 2014 GC champs keep shooting themselves in the foot, theyre already starting to fall apart :lol:

Well maybe not Foley and Chick but George got his hands on Tate!

Going to disagree with you on stuffing Cornish though. To keep peace in the family, I cheer for the Stamps when they are playing - except against the Ticats of course!! HATE the Riders!!!

Do not think that Doege will be the greens saviour!!! :roll:

JHC could not be the saviour of that team now!

Only one remotely close enough to that pass were two Stamps defenders!!! :roll: :roll:

However SD does manage to convert 2nd and 10

End of the first quarter and neither team is lighting it up offensively but....Stamps with a pick off a deflected green pass and manage to move it to mid-field!

I've been busy in the kitchen for 10 mins,

How did the naggies score their safety?


Greeny done came to play tonight! Helps Taylor field is the loudest stadium in the CFL....

Peredes misses a kick for posts from 50,

Still 2-0 YYC

Looks like sunseri is warming up in the bullpen after Doeges third INT of the night,

Two plays later, Mo Price in for the try for YYC....

9-0 after the peredes

NO Doege - the guys in the white and red shirts are NOT our receivers!!! Another pick and it looks like Doege's leash may be short with Sunseri warming up on he sidelines.

TD Calgary off the interception that was returned for excellent FP! 9-0 Calgary and "Sunny" is on the field for the green! :roll:

Doeges could be in for a negative QB rating tonight, he had more INTs than completions in the first half :roll:

Poor guy :thdn: :expressionless:

Peredes 0-3 on field goals tonight, had the last one blocked from 28...

Then YYC commits a facemask tackling the returner coming out of the end zone :lol:

9-0 nags at 30 minutes....Riders haven't scored a point in nearly 7 quarters :thdn:

9-0 at the half for the Nags.

6 scoreless quarter for the green team now.