Nags at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Oct. 14, 7:30 pm et, TSN

Friday, October 14
Calgary at Toronto
TSN/'s game preview is at . Methinks this will be a blowout for The Ranch.

Oski Wee Wee,


It's also Kick To Win night in Toronto. Scott Norwood is still not invited. LOL

Game is underway...

Just came in halfway through the third quarter. Nags put Tate in at QB and they've been in control ever since. Just scored their second touchdown in the second half to make the score 28-26. tate is looking good.

Nags FG puts them in the lead with 3:48 left. Chad Qwens gets a great runback to Nags 46. First positive play for Incarnate in the second half. But alas, fumble. Looks like Nags ball.

Nags are giving it away on penalties. Blue team just got into FG range with Nags in front 29-28.

The Calgary secondary really blew it with those illegal contact penalties!

31-29 Pestilence and Putrescence.

And they did. The Tisdale interception may have made it look like it’d be a Stamp win, but a penalty he took helped make it a blue team win.

The Stamps come back from being down 28-9 at the half, but could not hold onto that one point lead. And how did they get that far behind? I didn’t see the first half. But one thing to note is this:

D. TATE 19/28 263 2 0
H. BURRIS 6/11 65 0 2

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Cut Burris! Start Tate!

Seriously, Tate must be the league’s best backup QB.

And I did not see what happened to J’Micheal Deane. But I understand it’s not something I’d want to see.

JYLES, S 11 for 21 for 118 yards, 1 TD, 4 ints.

And that's the winning QB's stats.

Anyone else feel like they were watching Henry Burris's career come to an end tonight? I'm sure he'll hang around in some capacity (if Kerry Joseph can find employment after what happened with him in Toronto, Burris should have no problem), but with the way Tate played in relief of Burris, I can't see how Hufnagel will be able to keep Tate off the field. Tate has all the tools, and you can see in his demeanour that he is ready to lead this team. I like Burris, but I think Tate has just told everyone that it's his time now.

If you watch the highlights on, you can see it. I had to run it a couple of times before I noticed it, but it was pretty bad, hope he's ok.

QB controversy in Calgary.

I think Tate will be the next Travis Lulay. He got them the win last night. Unfortunately, their defence was too kind to the Argos.

You can bet over the next couple of days, Hufnagel and the coaches will pour over the game film, to be sure.

If Burris becomes a backup for the latter part of this season, I can see him asking for a trade or his release for next year.

I did see the expression on Tate's face after he took his helmet off after that, and of course, how concerned players on both teams were then. I never like seeing things like those, even though I know that these things can happen. I haven't heard any updates on Deane either, but I'm sure we'll find out about him soon.