Nags at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Fri. Aug. 23, 7:30 pm et

Hi folks!

Kickoff is happening soon, so I thought this should be teed up here. Hope to see you in the thread!

Oski Wee Wee,


And right on cue.. Russ walks in and announces himself!


Have to root for the banged-up nags likely in a close one. Go Stamps!! :slight_smile:

Hi HTD! I was out of town camping yesterday, so I only partially followed the Als' win. My plan is to be here for the rest of the weekend's action. :slight_smile:

The preview article is at

Kickoff coming up.. Go Nags!!!

As is mine... I'm leaving work EARLY tomorrow so I can be home to catch kickoff tomorrow!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Being the boss has it's perks!

Argos with their '83 retro uni's!

OUCH - Stamps turnover to begin the game :x

They may be evil incarnate, but I wish the blue team would bring back that old logo.

Well its certainly more interesting that a big A on the helmet! :slight_smile:

And unfortunately the EVIL strikes first and my spouse is actually cheering for them - just to annoy me of course!! :x

And let's face it, anyone outside of Toronto looking at that "A" isn't saying Argos. :lol: :lol:

DOUBLE OUCH!! Looks like the Nags don't want to win this one - they keep coughing up the ball - and we have a challenge.

Most people IN Toronto aren't likely saying Argos either! LOL

Successful challenge leaves Nags with the ball - dodged a bullet there!

if needed, you can try iwanttodivorcemyspouseforrootingfor :slight_smile:

Good one!! Did the same thing in the Grey Cup too!

Without Cornish, Calgary is in reverse.

First pressure on RR and he is down and looks like he's in pain! Collaros up next!
Bad break for the Evil - Could be a GREAT break for the Nags and Ticats!! :slight_smile: