Nags at All That Is Just, Sat. Sept. 28. 6 pm et

Sat September 28
Calgary at Hamilton
6 pm et/ 3 pm pt

To whet your appetites for the remarch against Calgary, there is an article on the emergence of Ticat rookies Brent Lauther and Neil King at ... -maritimes .

A statement game is at hand, I believe.

Oski Wee Wee,


Cat`s offence better be ready to handle a blitz crazy defence. AND they better do a better job of it than they did against the Als.

Horse meat is Tiger Cats fodder.

I have never been an advocate of animal abuse... but tonight, I hope we whip the Horse's ass!

Contain Cornish and the Cats have a real chance of winning this game. The Cats are a darn good team with a great QB. There is nothing I'd like more than to see Hamilton take it to the Stamps. I will be cheering Hamilton like crazy. :rockin:

For one reason.....well....two reasons actually.

  1. I like the Ti-Cats as a team and I'd like to see the team overtake Toronto
    2...... ?

I'm sure you can figure number 2 without too much difficulty.

Is number 2 cuz the Bummers suck?

Ohhhh.. wait I know, its a standings thing!

Hi folks!

Evenin' Russ....

A fine evening for football... and a horse flogging, I might add!

Almost game time baby!!!!!!


Hello Sir!!


Oskie WA WA





KO Coming up!

It’s just about game time
The Stamps are due to lose and the Cats need the win.
Go Cats

It's ON!!

Gable returns to the 35.... here comes da O

Luke Tasker has spent the past three season with the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans and hes 22 yers old Matt Dunigan? Doesn't make sense?

Welcome to the Lineup anyway!!!

Razzle dazzle play 1....


Burris to Grant to Stala for the FD!!!! Great opening play!!! :rockin:

Then Gable for the FD!!! Great Start O!!!


Misses left Taylor out at the 33

On Second down, Burris tries to find Luke Tasker, Son of former NFL'er Steve Tasker, INC on the play,

Brett Lauther misses from 48, Larry Taylor returns it out to the 33...... :thdn:

The Cats probably won't try a field goal longer than 40 yards the rest of the game unless they have to

That was McGee who spent three years with Dallas. Tasker is 22. Undrafted, signed and released by San Diego.


Kevin Glenn on FD, hands it off to Cornish, gets 1 yard on the play,

on SD, Glenn rushes for 10 yards to get the FD....

Glenn to McDaniel on FD, INC,

on second down, Glenn gets SACKED!!!!

Mavis on to punt!! :rockin: