nagging question - please bear with me

ATTENTION ... this question is now EDITED to show my answer that I have now received to my question, below. The answer that I just found out is 1986, when the Lions hosted Winnipeg. (Thanks to PROVINCE SPORTS writer, Kent Gilchrist for giving me the answer.)


I've got this nagging question lingering in my mind as to when the Lions last ended a season in 2nd spot.

I realize they finished in first this season (and that a question like this may not seem relevant for this time). Anyway, for the last few years, now, they have finished first or third quite a few times, plus also in fourth as well on occasion, however it seems that they have not had a second place finish in quite some time.

Does anyone have a CFL record book handy as to know when this last happened? I can't seem to find this answer anywhere on the internet.

... (I'm thinking that it was way back - about 30 years ago, now, - in about 1976 against Winnipeg at Empire Stadium??? where they beat the Bombers, but then lost to Edmonton in the West final???)

OK, ... Just curious ... and if someone can get back to me with an answer then that would be great ... as this is bugging me ...

This could actually be a good trivia question, too, don't you think?

thanks, Dale Friesen
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